Hunter Parrish in Weeds

Hunter Parrish Shirtless in Weeds

The sight of Hunter Parrish without his shirt on is so common these days that nobody won’t even bother to post his caps anymore. Holding on to my life philosophy that is “skin is skin regardless”, these are from the season premiere of “Weeds” capped by yours truly, and I take that you would appreciate this post if you’re into that whole living Ken doll thing. There’s no denying Hunter is one truly hot piece, but I just wish he completes the look by staying blond. Why not go all the way?

Hunter Parrish Shirtless in Weeds

Hunter Parrish Shirtless in Weeds

Hunter Parrish Shirtless in Weeds

  • rob

    Hot! But does that pimple on his chin fit into the storyline somehow? It seems glaringly obvious, is it fake?

  • @rob Of course it’s fake, Ken dolls don’t have pimples do they? 🙂

  • OhhYess

    I wish he was a lollipop so that I could just lick him and lick him and lick him…

  • Great JOB ! i luv hunter parrish.He is beautiful ! and what a gorgeous body! but what happened to his beautiful blond hair, Hes even hotter as a blond ! but hes still smokin HOT !!! Want more of him Keep him cummin !!

  • yummy yummy yummy is the only way to describe Hunter P..
    one other note. people have been commenting on how much
    more buff/toned he looks than in the season#6 finale. i think
    his newly acquired buffness was much more noticable in the
    season#4 premiere as opposed to the season#3 finale than
    in this case.

  • GMaster

    Yes the pimple did serve a plot purpose, albeit a very minor one. I’ve been in lust with this boy since season 1 of Weeds.

  • N

    The photographer (as you can see, he’s a model) wanted him to leave for the day because of the pimple. Honestly, I’m too busy staring at the rest of him. He’s the only reason I’m even watching this show. . . .


    JEEEEZ!!!! He is SOOOOOO HOT!!!! Gives me a wettie!!!

  • panini

    He’s bigger than ever! So hot!!!

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