It’s Not What You Think It Is

Tom Hardy Shirtless in Warrior

Sorry to disappoint you but this is NOT a preview the latest release from Raging Stallion or that bear night club flyer you frequent downtown. You don’t see two furry chests on a Hollywood film poster everyday so this latest poster of “Warrior” starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton gets my crotch’s stamp of approval. I’m not really keen on Tom’s face in this but with that body, who can complain? “Warrior” will be in cinemas September 9th.

Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton Shirtless in Warrior

Tom Hardy Shirtless in Warrior

Joel Edgerton Shirtless in Warrior

  • double woof

  • KarmaLysing

    It looks like Tom is wearing a mouth-guard in that picture, which would explain the “recent collagen injection” look he has going there.

    That said, the THINGS I would do to that man… Either of them, actually…

  • JP

    Charlie for Northampton never looked so good.

  • Phil

    Well my crotch just um spilled it’s approval…

  • Josh

    I remember when I first met Tom Hardy thanks to the movie RockNRolla. I was just taken away by his “not perfect” face, his extremely hot body and his 110 percent exuding of “sex” in every move.

    The man is very hot, very attractive and very doable (at least to me he is).

    I agree though, his face doesn’t look right in this picture. Maybe it’s the hair? Bad lighting? Did they do something to the image to alter it? Could it be that he put on weight for this film and with his face being fuller he just looks different? I dunno what it is, but he doesn’t look nearly as handsome and “unique” as he did.

    But it still makes me warm inside to know that he admits having sex with guys, even if he never went all the way and in his words, “did it”.

    Sigh. SO HOT.

    *movie has got to be just lame. I mean come on, it’s The Fighter (which was fantastic) but in UFC form. Really? Do we even need a movie like this?

  • Mike

    Comedian Rob Delaney once Tweeted, “Not to sound gay, but I wonder what Tom Hardy’s dick tastes like?” I wonder that often myself, even more so after seeing that poster.

  • bo

    Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton all shirtless and sweaty and bloody throughout a movie, how can it be lame? lol

  • Edmond

    Holy crap, it’s Luke Skywalker’s Uncle Owen! Who knew he was so FINE? Better than Anakin!

  • Tim

    In an interview with Now magazine, when asked if he has ever slept with men or if he was bisexual, Hardy said that he has “played with everything and everyone” but now that he is in his thirties, he is done experimenting.

    I’d volunteer to be his lab assistant if he ever decides to continue his research.

  • Jasper

    Forget the movie, I’d just like to be between them. Joel esp is cute and that hairy bod – Woof! Though Tom’s full lips are made for…

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