More Gingy Hotness from Sean Patrick Davey

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Due to overwhelming response on the last post, ginger god Sean Patrick Davey came over to my place begging for more shots to be taken. Well, I can’t say no can I so here’s another series featuring Sean with a cowboy hat on – you know, because redhead cowboys stir my gravy well. Okay, by now you should’ve known that my delusional ass was lying. These are more worksafe friendly shots courtesy of the photographer Marlen Boro who was kind enough to share these EXCLUSIVE photos (yes, they have never seen before by any mortal being apart from Sean and Marlen). These were taken before the bushy series, so understandably Sean was a little shy. One can only imagine what he’ll be like on the fifth shoot.

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

  • Tom

    Oh wow such teasing us with this hot ginger cowboy. Too bad no ginger bush shots again. He is one HOT REDHEAD!!!

  • Brazil South

    Never cared much about red-haired guys, but this one won my heart!

  • Rhettoric

    Are you kidding,South,redheads have all those tasty pink body parts!

  • Sammy

    LOVE HIM. I love redheads. Sigh 🙂

  • Jay in crappy Michigan

    mmmmmmm, insert brokeback mountain fantasy here.

    Just picturing him with Jake G. !!!

    (or even better – ME !)

  • KarmaLysing

    L U S T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is all.

  • Bo

    Bn’t shave him, please.

    Although in this case I don’t mind as long as he’s present.

  • Milton

    I Loooove red-haired guys. Thanks for the 2nd SPD post. :Please sir, I want some more.”

  • Josh

    He’s 6’4″ and weighs in at a solid 225 pounds!

    POW! That’s a lotta hot fucking maleness right there!

    (wish that this photographer would shoot him in more reflected front light instead of backlighting the shoot, the images are too dark, almost as if he’s trying to hide the fact that SPD is light skinned and red-headed)

    Thanks for the posts – he’s awesome!

  • Sorry Josh, that’s not really my style. Other photographers prefer a more evenly-lit, commercial approach – but I’m fonder of the way that natural light and shadows highlight parts of bodies or expressions.

    But I appreciate your feedback!

  • Mike

    I’m a redhead, and I’m available! 🙂

    Not as smokin’ hot as this guy, though. 🙁

  • DoverDavid

    Lost interest now that he is shaven, just another hairless clone.

  • Josh

    @DoverDavid – I have to agree. He’s gone and done it. Takes away so much from his masculinity/maleness. Too bad.

  • Boris

    I could look at this guy all day!

  • Phil

    Square are you TRYING to drain me of all my juice? 🙂

  • Kiwis&Cucumbers

    I know Marlen Boro! Love his work, my friend is one of the models in the other portfolio.

  • Harold

    Oh dear God, he’s deelicious!!! Why, oh, why, can’t I find this around where I live???

  • Richard Chaser

    He’s sexier with his chest fur, but I’d still welcome being hog-tied and taken advantage of by this cowboy. ;^D Maybe a few times? Please?

  • N

    So many inappropriate thoughts right now.

  • Steve

    Thanks Square – You’re the Best.

    Ginger guys just excite every nerve in my body.

    There’s something about their skin tone, the color of their nipples, and of course the red hair.

    I just wanna cry . . . .

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