Roark Critchlow in Point of Entry

Roark Critchlow Shirtless

One of my favourite types of men is the suburban, worn out dad type. The one that gets hotter as he ages. If you’re a fan of daytime television, you might heard of the name Roark Critchlow before and here are some caps of this beefy specimen capped by Groopii from one of many Lifetime’s softcore thrillers, “Point of Entry” which seem to be swarming the network at the moment. When I was at school, I used to skip afternoon classes for films like this. There’s always that moment when you know the hot guy character (which usually the object of the crazy female’s affection) is going to lose his shirt. Definitely one of little life’s little pleasures and I’m glad they keep the tradition going. Also, in some caps he looks like a grown up daddy version of Armie Hammer – which is totally HOT.

Roark Critchlow Shirtless

Roark Critchlow Shirtless

Roark Critchlow Shirtless

Roark Critchlow Shirtless

Roark Critchlow Shirtless

  • bro

    hellooooo daddy!

  • O man, he did get better with age.

  • Mimi

    Dayum, Dr. Horton!

  • Daknee

    I loved seem in in the new visitors too. Hot Man!

  • Blond beefcake!

  • Howie

    Oh yes, I love those suburban type dads too!

  • jad

    Why oh why did he shave his chest !?! I have seen him in the shower and he normally has mounds of beautiful long blond chest and stomach hair. When he wears a shirt he always does not button the first 3 or 4 buttons and I just drool every time. Shame on him.

  • wigglytuff

    perfect! <3

  • Oh, he´s a hot dad!
    I´d like to see him fully naked.

  • woof!

  • marmot


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