The Return of Me (and Mah Husbands)

Jason Sudeikis Hosting MTV Movie Awards 2011

I know it’s the same old excuse, but my ass have been heavily occupied during the last couple of weeks hence the lack of shirtless mens in your inbox. Or maybe the last post had lasting effect on me that I have to put others on halt. Either way, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my crusty heart for your emails, suggestions and a very special appreciation to forum members who have never failed to notify me of scam posts that are swarming the discussion board on a daily basis. I’m going to pull out some tricks out of the bag to revive this joint, but for now let’s enjoy some shots of mah husband (who seems to be EVERYWHERE these days – though I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing at all) featuring his LUSH chest fuzz from the recent MTV Movie Awards. See you soon!

Jason Sudeikis Hosting MTV Movie Awards 2011

Jason Sudeikis Hosting MTV Movie Awards 2011

Jason Sudeikis Hosting MTV Movie Awards 2011

Jason Sudeikis Hosting MTV Movie Awards 2011

Jason Sudeikis Hosting MTV Movie Awards 2011

  • Tom

    What a hot husband you have…and welcome back you and your shirtless men have been missed.
    Now keep those hairy hot men coming our way.

  • OMG – yes! Is he getting hairier? Those armpits are lush!

  • I absolutely loathe watching the MTV Movie Awards constantly kiss the a*s of anything/anyone to do with the Twilight franchise, but I had to tune in (+ skip over the Twilight circle-jerks, thanks to DVR) to see this sexy, sexy man host. Jason did a good job + I’d watch anything for the thrill of seeing him in it. Woof.

  • GB13

    I wonder if that Good Old Fashioned Orgy movie is ever coming out. I’m betting we get at least a glimpse of his ass in it.

  • Boris

    Square, I am delighted by your return… I was kinda follicle-deprived during your absence! But all is good and better now!

  • Joe

    True, it’s awesome that we get to see the Sudeikis hotness everywhere now. These caps are golden, thanks a lot.
    And it’s great to have you back once again, like it always is.
    Much love,


  • Carmen

    Well lets not start sucking eachothers dicks just yet. We’ll see how we go. Good to see you back

  • Josh

    Glad to see that you ARE still alive!

    Your husband is good looking, but ya know, for me, his still images are just not the same as seeing him “in action”. He just comes across as a lot more attractive to me, when seeing him on film or live TV. 😉

  • bo

    I can’t stand the show, but I watched it anyway since he was the host.
    But alas he IS your husband, Square. Can I take Charlie Day as my husband then?

  • bo

    P.S. Square, extremely glad to have you back in action. And that’s a grotesque understatement.


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