Jason Sudeikis Shirtless in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

All my life, I have been waiting for this very moment to happen. THIS VERY MOMENT. Yes boys and girls, the time has come to salivate over mah husband – the one and only Jason Sudeikis’s gratuitous shirtlessness in the theatrical trailer of the much anticipated movie event in the history of forever “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy”. The actual film will be released on the second day of September which is like a million years from now so since my head and my crotch are about to explode in about 5 seconds, I will let the caps do the stroking talking. Jesse, my first born belongs to you.

Jason Sudeikis Shirtless in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

Jason Sudeikis Shirtless in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

Jason Sudeikis Shirtless in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

Will Forte Shirtless in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

And of freakin’ course, the closeups.

Jason Sudeikis Shirtless in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

That face is pure SEX.

  • Jesse

    Glad I could be of service. 🙂

  • DoverDavid

    I love the little tummy bump with all the fur.

  • GazTop



    about effin time

  • D!


  • GB13

    About time indeed! What are the chances we’ll get to see something below the waist? Even his bum will do.

  • GB13

    “Pervasive strong sexual content, graphic nudity and language”

    Oh, bring it on.

  • J Ball

    Oh for the love of all that is good and furry, you’re lucky I respect the sanctity of marriage. I’d never steal anyone’s husband. But ohhhhhhhhh the temptation.

  • dbk636466

    GREAT pics Square….as much as i love jason s. i really love will forte….i would love to have a 3way with the two of them…..WOOF!!!!

  • huntingtondude2

    OMG…we get full chest, nips, pits, legs AND feet? I have died and gone to heaven, and the tan looks sooooo slurpilicious on him!

  • Oh Jason, so cute. I am so happy to see him half naked. Will Forte, bless you for letting the body hair grow back.

  • Laura M

    His tummy is so adorable I want to die!

  • WannaBuyADuck

    Sorry to ruin your moment, Square, but at first glance I thought it was Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) on the raft.

  • Kevin

    this was terrible this dudes disgusting

  • Jim

    So adorable and the wee tummy is just so cute. Square, he’s the perfect husband – cute as a button and decent enough to take home to Mom. (In my case, he could probably duck too if she throws something at us – but she only does that when the vodka’s run out.)

  • wmassguy

    Better than I ever imagined it would be! Never expected him to be that beefy. Look at that furry tummy!!! THANK YOU!!

  • JuanCarlos

    He is so HOT!! I have to say that he’s much hairy that I expected him to be!! I like this guy so much and his face is just gorgeus, that’s all I’m going to say, I don’t want to be banned from this page, he BELONGS TO YOU square!!!

  • len

    square…..why do i see drool streaks on jasons photos?????

  • len

    square…..why do i see drool streaks on jasons photos????? so when is the big manhatten wedding?

  • Mallory

    Face, yes. He’s cute in that awkward kind of way, sure. The rest…I’m anything but sure about

  • szoszo


  • I want to eat him.

  • John

    Well, I must say I’m not a fan of the idea of the film, but anything that shows Jason’s face makes me want to see it… I am sooo happy that he is finally showing his sexy chest… I guess I can only cross my fingers that the “graphic nudity” includes him… PLEASE!!!! pwetty pwease?

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  • mumblesmjm

    i haven’t had a celebrity crush on anyone this intense since bruce willis back in the day. jason s. is so f*cking sexy, it really does almost cause me pain to look at him. the face, the furry chest, the sexy, sexy voice…they all add up to my idea of the perfect man. please!, post every single photo or snippet of video you can find so that others may enjoy your ‘husband’ as much as possible. thank you for sharing….

  • Tom

    WooF! That furry chest makes my knees weak! Jason will you marry me?!!

  • Yeah Ive finally can say Jason looks good. I liked his smile.

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