Don’t Put Your Shirt Back On, Eddie McClintock

Eddie McClintock Shirtless

The delicious piece of furry man beef that is Eddie McClintock clearly didn’t listen to Josh Gates, and we are forever thankful to him for that. When you got that much beef in your chesticles, it’s only so natural to just flaunt it for the camera! These are from the last episode of “Warehouse 13” capped by Superherofan. We have yet to see some skin from his mate Josh Gates but hey, we can make do with Eddie til he decided to share the wealth to the masses.

Eddie McClintock Shirtless

Eddie McClintock Shirtless

Eddie McClintock Shirtless

Eddie McClintock Shirtless

  • Jim

    I won’t argue that’s an exquisite example of “fine beefy rack” but… I listened to the commentary track on one of the episodes in Season 2(?) – Eddie and a couple of the AD’s.

    At one point, for no reason, he went into the classic “lisping, preening fag” impression that straight boys think ALL queer folk sound like. Of course, the AD’s thought this was a scream.

    I can only imagine what the sets like, now that they’ve got a gay character. I watch the show, love the look of the chest but he’s dead to me otherwise.

  • panini

    So sad to hear that, Jim. Maybe someone will explain to him that it’s just not funny.
    I’d hate to have all that amount of meat spoiled by homophobia (albeit probably involuntary).

  • Makes me think I should get this post or even him off the site. Hmmm…

  • redboy70

    Nice, but his dyed hair is too too dark.

  • Please !Put your shirt back on !

  • WannaBuyADuck

    What an unattractive man — on many levels. He makes a lot of ugly faces and he’s not good looking to begin with. Off with his head.

  • Matt

    Guys,come on don’t look at his face, just look at his luscious pink nips.That’s what I did!

  • Jeff

    Gay character or gay actor? Or both?

  • Mike

    I’ve heard elsewhere that he’s very gay-positive so perhaps that DVD commentary incident was a lapse in judgement and/or taste. Who knows?

    At any rate, he turns my crank, so I’m glad to see him up here.

  • Mallory

    6 out of 10. Don’t worry too much if you miss it.

  • H.C.

    I don’t understand all the hate towards Eddie McClintock. I’ve always thought he and W13 castmate Allison Scagliotti were straight allies. They’ve posed for the NoH8 campaign and have certainly spoke for marriage equality on their twitter accounts; something that they really don’t HAVE to do.

    I’ve not seen the DVD commentary, and I’ll take your word that it was offensive.

    Personally, the fact that someone referred to his impression as “lisping, preening fag” raises its own questions. Some of us don’t talk in a deep voice, and *I’m* okay with that, and somehow we’re “preening”? Yes, it’s a generalization, and probably not done in the best taste. Any other impersonation would also be a generalization. There isn’t an impersonation that is “most accurate” or “best” for a diverse community.

    My point is, do take offense to the content? Start a conversation, not name calling. Write a letter to Syfy, call in. Hell, tweet at Eddie himself and call him out on it.

    In the mean time, I think Eddie is still an ally in my book, who happens to be a hottie, too.

  • Mark From NYC

    Over at After Elton, Eddie’s been very, very supportive and grateful for his gay fans. @ JIm: spend less time parsing DVD commentaries for, well, for anything. The revolution will not be on bluray…

  • bro

    Although I don’t watch Warehouse 13, after reading a recap on After Elton, I had to download this episode. There is a scene where Eddie’s character finds out another character is gay and proceeds to take of his shirt and show off for him. Eddie was hot before, but that made him about 10x hotter IMO.

  • Daknee

    It seems he’s trimed down some since last season. Last season he had a bit of a sexy belly

  • The Pink Nippled Bandit

    So let me get this straight. “Jim,” heard me speaking in a “lisping, preening fag” voice on the Season II DVD commentary, laughing about it with some of my “A.D.” (Assistant Director) buddies?
    Well, just to clear it up, we recorded all those commentaries in one day, with not a single “A.D.” in sight! And it just so happens that In the studio that day was Jack Kenny (our Executive Producer, who is my boss and one of my dearest friends). Jack, by coincidence, is gay and would NEVER stand for ANY hurtful remarks (by me or anyone else) regarding the homosexual community (or any community for that matter). So, if you heard me speak in a “stereotypical, sissy voice,” don’t take it personally. It is no more racist, sexist, homophobic, paranoid, infantile or socially unacceptable than anything else I would normally say or do, as I make an honest effort to offend everyone equally.
    In regards to making “ugly faces and not being good looking in the first place,” you’ll have to take that up with my parents and/or the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who administers my Botox injections!
    Well, I think that just about covers it.
    Take care, Hope you’re enjoying the show (and my “luscious pink nipples”).
    Eddie McClintock

    6 out of 10?! …Guess I’d better step it up!!

  • Mike

    If that really is Eddie…wow. If you come to this website, will you come to my house? (Hey, a guy can dream…)

    Having seen Eddie’s “No H8” shot, he’s cool in my book. And hot.

  • steve

    I’d do’m. Man I love big, hunky guys like him. I could get lost in his chest forever. That padded muscle look is my favorite.

  • severn

    i like fleshy dudes…not too muscular, but have the hunky bumps

  • Steve

    Hmmmm . . . . . .I’m stopping everyday to see this, big, hunky, humpy piece of man-meat. Oh, to just hold him in my arms . . . . . . and nuzzle my face up in his chest and the nape of his neck . . . . . . .

  • Douglas

    If that really was Eddie McClintock, then you very much for posting your response here. I had the instinctive feeling you had no intention of making hurtful homophobic remarks. It’s quite reassuring to know somebody who has now achieved your level of success is also a nice guy. Your comedy timing is brilliant and Warehouse 13 is a perfect vehicle for it, and the show is very lucky to have found you. In fact you are so good in the role I forget about how hot you are until you take your shirt off. Then, I must admit I sometimes forget the plot of the episode and look like a deer in the headlights with my mouth open! It’s also an inspiration for what I want to do at the gym. Thanks for the entertainment, on many levels!!! And thank you for caring and posting what you did.

  • Davis

    Just to confirm; I contacted Eddie and told him what had been written here, I thought he had the right to reply. So, thank you Eddie for taking the time to give your side of the story.
    Keep up the good work on W13 and the support you give the gay community, well done!

  • Alex Salvin

    Meaty, beEfy, dense, huge grababble PECS!!! Yum yum… from now on, I’ll be his fan!!! And not to mention those delicious pink wide nips!!! Heaven!!!

  • Steve

    The second picture is unrealistic – anyone in that position with him, would be caressing that magnificent breast!!!

  • Brian

    His chest is gorgeous, and yeah pink nipples 🙂
    I think he has a really handsome face too though, and his expressions are cute. I’m impressed he cared enough to address the homophobia issues, I don’t think many actors would come to a gay themed beefcake site to address this issue, never mind that he did it with a sense of humor at the remarks made at him.

  • David Hollingsworth

    He is seriously sexy. The face, the body, and he also is against homophobia. What more could you ask for?

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