Get Your Kleenex Ready, The Buffet is Served

Joe Manganiello Shirtless as Alcide in True Blood

And as always, we have only the finest cuts of meat on the table! The only thing to do after reading this succulent post is to lock the door, find that box of Kleenex of which I’m sure you don’t have to since it’s always located near the screen and spend some quality time with yourself (of course I’m talking about me). Despite the lack of body hair, Joe Manganiello does a lot of damage to my crotch with his ALL YOU CAN EAT hot cross buns of a torso. Also served on the buffet table, Ryan Kwanten’s ripped body (ha-ha) and Swedish meatcake Alexander Skarsgard, all capped by Superherofan. Enjoy!

Joe Manganiello Shirtless as Alcide in True Blood

Alexander Skarsgard Shirtless as Eric Northman in True Blood

Alexander Skarsgard Shirtless as Eric Northman in True Blood

Ryan Kwanten Shirtless as Jason Stackhouse in True Blood

Ryan Kwanten Shirtless as Jason Stackhouse in True Blood

  • rodthehorny

    i am the first one to say true blood is really gets my blood going ^.^. stroke stroke stroke.

  • rodthehorny

    and look at that pubess OMG!!!!!

  • skarsgardslover

    Best episode EVER.

  • Oh… I´m feeling something… Well, forget about!lol

  • KarmaLysing

    Why is Ryan Kwanten tied up… Wait… I don’t actually care why… MOVE OVER, BEEYOTCH, HE’S MINE!!!!!!

  • Bill

    My, oh, my! Man, oh, man! True Blood is really a trippy show full of blood, gore, violence, sex, bloody gory violent sex, and most importantly, a sense of humor, owed principally to its producer Alan Ball, a gay man, most famously screenwriter of American Beauty, and producer of the marvelous series Six Feet Under. I absolutely adore Joe Mangianello, who I probably discovered on here thanks to you, Square, since I had taken a 2-year hiatus from watching True Blood. He’s truly hot- I mean Joe- and you too, Square- and shows his amazing talents off to great advantage. Not to demean Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell, and Alexander Skarsgard, but Joe is just awesomely sexy in his caring character of Alcide, who is dark, darling, meaty, and sexy! In this case I will mention but not complain about the presence of the defiling shaver…

  • Endymion2009

    These guys don’t do anything for me. Should I seek psychiatric help?

  • Marie Cohn

    I calls him Joe Manginajello, cuz that’s what happens “down there”–quivery, moist, sweet, and sticky.

  • timmy

    love true blood unfortunately I miss that episode where ryan was tied up…love him so much..cant bear not to see him each time I watch the show…what episode was that…please and thanx


    Alexander Skarsgard is to die for. He’s not only hot, but has an unique personality; sooo strong, so bossy; mmmmm! That’s irresistible! It’s much better than just a piece of meat. He has it all: body, personality, face… ALL. Where’s Stephen Moyer?! Joe is so hot as well, but Ryan Kwanten… he’s cute and all… but… I don’t know… his body is kind of creepy. When a body loses ALL the fat, it looks creepy; just look at Gwyneth Paltrow… I think a ¨meatier¨ body like Moyer’s, Skarsgard’s, Trammel’s or Joe’s are much, muuuch sexier and super HOT!!!

  • EthxIkku

    OMG! I really love joe! Anyway this is my 1st time on your site and i must say it was awesome! 🙂 so many eye candy! LOL

  • Todd L.

    The thing about Joe Manganiello, besides being 6’5″ tall and having that amazing body, is that he’s half Italian and half Armenian, and he shaves off his body hair. He calls it “manscaping.” I call it a crying shame.

  • Mike

    The cloth over Ryan K.’s cock would have been yanked away. Would have been way sexier if he was nude from waist down. : )

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