Guess This Naturally Smooth Chest

I’m feeling like a giddy teenager today, so it’s only natural that I’m posting some skin from the Australian pretty boy of whom I much prefer compared to his scruffy (but not hairy, unfortunately) brother. Guess before you click!

It’s Liam Hemsworth from “The Last Song”. What Liam lacked on the chest, he made it up on the arms as you can clearly see from this still. You know I said I would sit through the film for him? I lied. Also, I just found my dream job – MUSCLE PAINTER!

Well Liam plays Gale in the upcoming film “The Hunger Games” so I guess this post is kind of relevant.

  • KarmaLysing

    The entire Hemsworth gene pool is… ahem… Gifted… (sigh)

  • The third Hemsworth brother, not so much.

  • Milton

    Proof that BOTH Australia, & Canada are conducting some genetic engineering program to create the “perfect beefsteak”. Yeah, I ment steak.

  • Matt

    I like his brother more.Those nipples look like they’ve been sucked A LOT!!!Probably by Miley Cyrus!Lol!

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