Guess This Treasure Trail

This pretty boy is farm raised in a Midwestern state, and after somewhat smaller roles in a series of successful films, this model grade actor shot to fame with the release of one of the most anticipated sci-fi films of 2010 as the lead actor. Too easy! Guess before you lick anyway (and that’s not a typo).

It’s trail-a-licious Garrett Hedlund! My lame ass just watched “Tron: Legacy” last night and was appalled at the only 2 second shirtless scene he had in there, so it is only natural that I turn to Google for Garrett’s skin. This is one of the best trails I’ve seen this year, and if it’s not enough for you we have the new Spider-Man thrown in as well. via Celebuzz

  • what a hottie, love the treasure trail

  • Mark

    Andrew Garfield is totally checking Garrett out in picture no 2.

  • xino

    Sorry, but I would take Garfield over Hedlund!

  • Studhunter

    Fooled my I was positive it was hugh Jackman!!

  • Tom

    Never heard of this actor ..not the kind of movie I would see. But he has a great treasure trail…I so want to follow it down !!!

  • szoszo

    sorry but i’ll be forever ignoring anyone else on a picture that includes andrew garfield *drool* his pasty white british skin tone gets my blood pumping, i can even forgive these young ones for not sporting a fur coat yet and can i just say he deserves way better grades in gym class than tron-guy?

  • John

    He should tone up and tame the trail a bit.

  • Benny Gesserit

    Yarg! Bag meet head.

  • Milton

    While I wouldn’t kick Garrett out of bed for eating crackers, I too prefer Andrew Garfield. Both are good reasons for a pantless(or at least, shorts/underware) website. Men don’t shave their legs as much as their chests.

  • DoverDavid

    Nice like the legs too.

  • JoeSmyth

    not a fan of body hair on Garrett

    Andrew Garfield should’ve been the focus of this topic, he’s the hunky one

  • Glendon

    Judging by the trail and hairy legs bet he’s got a hairy ass too.

  • len

    both very nice, but here is where i like andrew

  • Mikey M

    Nice shot. Tron meets Spiderman.

  • Wyoming Cowboy

    Garrett Hedlund has one of THE sexiest belly trails of anyone I’ve ever seen. Damn that is one FINE treasure trail!

  • Janet

    They are both… unbelievable, but Andrew is… out of this world… no words…

  • Romina

    Andrew, Andrew… OMG… he is SO HOT… his white skin,,, his accent… dear LORD!

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