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Andy Roddick Shirtless for Lacoste Challenge

With Andy Roddick’s shirt off, it’s affirmative that the ball is hitting more than just the racquet! Here’s your mid week dose skin featuring Andy in Lacoste Challenge TV spot directed by Rob Chiu for Grey Paris. We get some amazing view of his gloriously furry body along with the treasure trail that goes all the way to Wimbledon and back. Watch it, after the jump. And don’t worry about pausing because the high speed camera does it for you.

Andy Roddick Shirtless for Lacoste Challenge

Andy Roddick Shirtless for Lacoste Challenge

Andy Roddick Shirtless for Lacoste Challenge

  • Sal

    Muy bien! Love how a little age has roughed up Andy’s looks a bit, rendering him even sexier than when he started.

  • Mark

    He looks older than the last time I saw him but still beautiful of course!Although I still prefer if he just lets his body hair grow wildly like before!

  • Josh

    Wow. Amazing what just two years can do.

    Through some string-pulling connections and called in favors, I got to have a little meet and greet with Mr. Roddick after his Davis Cup victory here in my city in 2009.

    He looked nothing like this when I met him. Mind you, he was very handsome and very sexy, and then some….but nowhere near this “rugged” looking.

    He’s a SUPER super nice guy. If you ever get the chance to sit down and talk with him, do so. I highly recommend it.

    And he definitely gives off a sex vibe..(well, that could have been coming from me…LOL) But he smelled good anyway. That’s close enough.

    Nice guy, great handshake and sexy, sexy eyes. The ten minutes we talked were nowhere NEAR long enough. And I don’t even remember what we talked about….. I was just standing there drooling, from the part of my body above and the part of my body below. lol

    Anyway — time is doing you justice Andy. Definitely for the better, even if the hairline is receding ever so slightly these days. Love that rough-ish, brawny look. VERY NICE INDEED.

    Thanks for this one Square!

    PS – and yes, he really DOES look like Sean Michael Scott in person. Quite the resemblance.

  • Milton

    You can NEVER haveenough Andy Roddick. Yes, he is getting better with age. Hope to be lucky enough to meet him, too, one day.

  • rodthehorny

    I won’t hesitate to lick the nips and the pitt at the same time

  • davinci38

    He used to have only a bit of hair on his chest, and it was all natural. Good to see he’s becoming hairier as he gets older.

  • Blame George Bush

    Andy is not aging well. I have some posters of him and he was a hottie. But now he is aging rapidly and John Isner has replaced him as my favorite Tennis Hottie.

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