Andrew Garfield Shirtless as Spider-Man

I’m not sure what to make of these stills of Andrew Garfield as the new Peter Parker in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Don’t get me wrong, I am forever grateful to shirtless gods for that one shot everyone’s been talking about (along with that hipster ass) but to see the actual Spider-Man with the mask on left me wanting for more. More beef, that is. With the mask off, I think he looks great and doable. With the mask AND shirt off, well let’s not even go down there. I hope that they recreated the original scene in the first installment where Peter Parker stands in front of the mirror checking himself out, purely because that was one of my first posts EVER on this site!

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

  • Benny Gesserit

    Dat Ass

  • ffg

    what is “hipster ass”? spider-hipster?? i see no sense here..

  • frankenstein

    i think he looks great as a young teenage Peter Parker. i’m hoping we’ll get to see some Chris Zylka (Flash Thomson) skin too.

  • John

    Nice butt…even if it is photoshopped.

  • len

    i still like tobey maguire

  • xino

    I actually hated Maguire as Spider-Man, way too whiney and acted like a total man-child.

    But where are the hipster comments coming from Square? He looks pretty typical to me in these and other pictures I have seen so far.

  • szoszo

    andrew garfield is a total hipster in real life, check out those dodgy paparazzi photos, you’ll see what it’s about. the way they beefed him up for this is unbelievable, i liked him when he was scrawny, i have a thing for sickly boys (even tho he was never sickly, gymnast hellooooooo) just like his little secret lover boy, jesse eisenberg, but who wouldn’t approve of these muscles? drooling all over it.

    on a totally unrelated note: i think tobey maguire was a perfect spider man and i have no idea why they had to make a new movie since clearly this one won’t take itself seriously either, judging by the pictures it’s gonna be a lame summer chick flick and nothing else.

  • Rixki

    I love that ass… kept staring at my copy of the mag when we got it over the weekend. I’m pretty excited for this re-boot! 😀

  • Josh

    Huh. I just don’t get any kind of spark from this guy. Nothing at all. Skinny. Giant eyebrows. Head and body don’t seem to match….just all kinds of things wrong….sorry, doesn’t do a thing for me.

    At least Maguire was proportionally correct, had a good body and looked like “the boy next door”.

    Nope, just not seeing it.

  • Josh

    PS – and in that first picture, he looks like Sandra Bullock. LOL

  • joe

    oh my balls. he’s hot

    personally i hated Tobey as Spider-Man, and wouldn’t even finish watching the first movie (not a fan of him looks wise either). i hope they DON’T recreate the mirror scene because that was so stupid. one day he’s supposed to be all scrawny and then the next he’s in great shape? no. that was ridiculous. it’s supposed to have turned him into a spider, not a ripped man. if anything he should only be ripped near the end after all his webby exercise, preferably shirtless half ofthe movie

  • I realise this doesn’t matter here, but as well as being eye-candy, Andrew Garfield CAN ACTUALLY ACT. What were they thinking of?

  • Steve

    Uh oh – – my first throw back on your site. Sorry, too boyish looking for me. Ya’ll can fight over him.

  • David

    I would lick that outfit off to the bone.

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