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Shane Harper Shirtless

What happened to Mickey going for an innocent date with Minnie on a train? Kids today are so privileged. I don’t watch Disney channel anymore, but I have absolutely nothing against the uprising of teenage skin in the past decade. This is the latest example from Shane Harper in “Good Luck Charlie” capped by Superherofan, joining the likes of Zac Efron and David Henrie. p.s: You don’t have to take a cold shower after reading this post, but I can’t blame you if you feel like you need to.

Shane Harper Shirtless

Shane Harper Shirtless

Shane Harper Shirtless

Shane Harper Shirtless

  • KarmaLysing

    My libido thanks Disney.

  • Shane H. is my favorite type- the super sexy all American
    masculine pretty boy. these screencaps prompt an
    interesting question. on the Disney Channel’s many
    series aimed at a teen audience a number of them have
    had tasty but obviously discreet young male skin scenes.
    these screencaps being a excellent example. therefore will
    someone please explain to me why although David Henrie
    is not adverse to posing shirtless he’s has never had a
    shirtless scene on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place”?

  • Jay in crappy Michigan

    Super cute. Does he have an older hairy chested brother !?

  • panini

    Why is that girl ORANGE???

  • Marie Cohn

    Mommy, what’s a tweasure twail?

  • @panini: It was a self-tanning mishap.

    Also. I can never decide whether or not I, personally, find Shane Harper cute. There are days he is, there are days he’s not.

    Today, he very much is.

  • JoeSmyth

    @amit: so like Robert Pattinson huh?

    Shane’s very cute, and no shirt makes it even better, but then the self-tanning makes him less sexy. he’s almost TOO lean though, i prefer a little bit more meat

  • len

    shane is GORGEOUS!

  • @JoeSmyth

    Pattinson’s never really done much for me, but to each his own, I always say. 🙂

  • Josh

    Damn. This guy’s hot. Reminds me of a boy named Jeff who I was close to in high school and had a huge crush on. We ALMOST hooked up, but didn’t. We did kiss once. He was drunk, I was pretending to be. lol – oh if I had only been a little more brave! ANYWAY — Shane’s HOT. I’d hit it. No doubt. (in these particular pictures he’s hot, some of his other pics I’ve seen, don’t really do anything for me, just to be clear)

    And in response to the first poster’s comments, Christopher, – David Henrie has been shirtless on that show. I’ve always thought he was semi-attractive and went looking and yes, there was a shirtless episode, but it was a crossover show called Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montanna.

    And just to join in on the last comments posted – Robert Pattinson…body is okay, face – does NOTHING for me. Don’t find him to be “facially attractive” at all.

  • jim

    Pathetic trolls

  • Someone

    That guy is on fire!!!! Shane Harper u r smoking.

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