Another Day, Another Shirtless Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner Shirtless in Abduction

About 12 years ago back when I was a raging boyband-obessessed teenage gay – I would totally go apeshit about this picture. By apeshit I mean print a few copies and hide them under the mattress. Taylor Lautner doesn’t do a lot to me now, but I’m sure a lot of people will need to find some time alone after reading this post. It’s the new still from his upcoming non Twillight film other than “Cheaper By The Dozen 2” and the other one, “Abduction” via I bet those Twi-hards are slowly decaying from the inside waiting for it to be released at the end of September. I know how you all feel. When the trailer for “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” came out, all that anticipating is totally worth it. Also worth noting, some light foliage on the always smooth chest. And yes, I still feel I need to take a cold shower after this.

Taylor Lautner Shirtless in Abduction

  • John

    I can see what others might appreciate in him, but he does nothing for me.

  • Mark

    @John Same thing here.I just don’t understand why would most guys love to shave their chests and leave their armpits untouched with bushy hair?!At least trim it a bit to make it look better and to show that you care about your pits.He’s not alone though,just look at The Situation,Chris Evans,Justin Timberlake and many more.They think hairy armpits are the symbol of masculine/straight and hairless armpits are feminine/gay.Then why did you shave your chest?!!What’s so masculine about that?!!!

  • Paul

    So nice to see him sprouting some chest hair, and LOOK at that treasure trail..YUM!

  • Josh

    A few things with this kid- and he is only 19….so yes, in my book, he’s a kid.

    1. He won the genetic lottery as far as his body is concerned.

    2. He doesn’t have the best face. So it’s a good thing he’s got the body.

    3. He’s not a good actor.

    4. For the sake of sake’s sake, sure, I’d go for a roll with him, I’m sure he’d be a lot of fun and I’d love teaching him a thing or two, or three…
    4a). Would I be his first male/male experience? I highly doubt it. He’s hooked up with dudes, and I have no doubt about that. Probably not for love’s sake, but for sex’s sake. Yes.

    5. A lot of “still in the closet” teenage boys need guys like Lautner…..for various and assorted reasons. I’m glad they have him. You do the math.

    6. He should let his body hair grow, and I’m hoping as he gets a little older he’ll learn to respect that and embrace it.

  • Milton

    I think that Taylor is HOT!HOT!HOT! Think he’s one of those guys who’s never gonna have a lot of cheast hair, if any. Also think Josh is right about his sexuality. Have heard some rumors, & let’s stress that they are RUMORS, to suggest that he may “play for our team”.

  • chuck

    He’s a male butterface.

  • Dave

    Beautiful, but too plastic. I feel as though I’m fantasizing about a doll if i fantasize about him

  • EthxIkku

    I also agree with josh, I think Taylor is a Yaoi guy 🙂

  • Reese

    He’s a kid. He has a nice body, but he probably has trainers. Nevertheless he’s still a kid who lucked out. I’ve gotten the impression that he’s either not that swift or not into having a beard.

  • Hey, i’ll be the “1st’ to admit Taylor’s not a “good” actor(most his age are not) but i do know this; he’s Sooooo Fucking Gorgeous, i’d Fuck his sweet ass off, ALLNIGHT LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Yeah, i believe those “rumors” that he has a “secret” BF, so many things point to it; but anybody who Doesn’t want to fuck him(or get fucked by him) has gotta be Fucking nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikey M

    Taylor is one of those not so talented young actors that broods a lot but doesn’t have much range. His best talent is his shirtless body.
    He will be doing Sy Fy movies in 10 years.

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