Dave Franco in Dave Franco

Funny or Die never fails to bless us with some peensock-tastic, shaved shirtlessness from fresh faced actors time after time, all in the name of funny. When you’re totally obsessed with someone – to see the person you’re obsessing with doing himself is the ultimate view you could ever asked for. This is like The Sims, only someone actually took the liberty to make into a reality (of course I’m talking about me creating two Sudeikises and have them make out all day – don’t judge). “Fright Night” pretty boy Dave Franco is all over and inside himself in this Funny or Die clip via Superherofan and he’s related to James Franco with the HOT gene. As always, my ass is the last one who is posting this hot mess – but it’s always better late than never!

  • Seb

    Of course they’re related, they’re brothers…I really hope I’m not pointing out the obvious here. 🙂

  • Mark

    I know he is beautiful.His youth makes him even more beautiful than his brother but if I had a choice,I would go for James because there are too many memories of him being a pure sex object and now I really respect him as one of a very talented artist of our time.And that’s a huge turn on!!!

  • @Seb Thanks for that, I stand corrected!

  • actually a Franco Brother Club Sandwich would be the
    ultimate snack. also Mr. Squarehippies how do you know
    Dave has shaved his chest? in James’s many shirtless
    film scenes he never impressed me as having much if
    any chest hair. so i should think his younger brother
    would follow suit. i have to admit though that i have no idea
    if Dave has even a small amount of chest hair or is naturally
    smooth. even though i’ve seen him in a handful of films
    he’s never had a shirtless scene.

  • @Christopher Nothing against natural smoothness, I was referring to Zachary Levi if you follow the link 🙂

  • John

    Pretty hot even if it is a little odd. It got me thinking if I would fuck myself if possible. I finally came to the decision that I probably would merely to see if I really am good at it. lol

    PS – I think he’s definitely hotter than his brother. James always looks like he smells and needs a shower.

  • Bill W

    “His youth makes him even more beautiful than his brother”

    Man, I hate gay guys.

  • Mckey

    @Bill W Then why were you here in the first place DUMBFUCK?!!

  • NeOne

    Uh Mickey, I think you might have missed the “facetiousness” in Bill W’s post. Don’t be so quick to attack. He isn’t bashing gays – it’s humor. Geez man, lighten up.

  • jayjay

    @Mckey – I believe Bill W was criticizing the ageism he saw in Mark’s post, specifically, the opinion that Dave is better looking than James because Dave is younger than James.

    Personally, it doesn’t matter that Dave is seven(ish) years James’ junior, James is just plain better looking than Dave. And James is not in my top 5 favorite celebs or anything; it’s just how I sees ’em.

  • Paul

    So hot! Dave is pretty well hung too, still dazed at seeing him swaying in scrubs.

  • biscuit

    So damn hot… wonder what he must have been thinking filming this, especially the bottom part

  • Oh…

  • Josh

    Wonder if he was trying to “one up” the similar video that James did? — I thought this video with Dave fucking himself was cute, and kinda erotic in ways …. but I think that this piece his brother James did, is just smoking fucking hot!


  • Boris

    Square, Square, O Square, where art thou?

    Don’t leave us with a guy that have more wax on his chest then a monastery floor!!!

    Come Back to us!

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