Even More Campbell Scott in Royal Pains

Campbell Scott Shirtless

Men with fur pelts always have a special place in my crotch, but those mature ones blessed with salt and pepper fuzz goes right to the top of the list – no questions asked. Campbell Scott’s generous shirtlessness in “Royal Pains” in nothing new, but I feel that we’re in a dire need of some fresh caps so here are some delectable ones made by yours truly from last week’s episode. Campbell plays Andrew Garfield’s daddy in “The Amazing Spider-Man”, although I highly doubt there will be any unshirting – it’s good to see him on the big screen nonetheless. Thanks to smcandsmc for the heads up!

Campbell Scott Shirtless

Campbell Scott Shirtless

Campbell Scott Shirtless

Campbell Scott in Royal Pains

Campbell Scott Shirtless

  • smcandsmc


  • len

    STILL HAS IT!!!!

  • John

    I’m not big on fuzz but this is very nice.

  • rodthehorny

    i won’t hesitate to give him a mouth to mouth resucitations (how ever you spell it)

  • I wanna love all that hair!
    Sexy man.


  • Paul

    If I was attending to him as a patient, I would be SO tempted to give that furry chest a good rub : P

  • Daknee

    YES, He still has it. In fact this is one man that I can say has really improved with age

  • eagander

    OMG! It HAS been a long time since “Long Time Companion”! Loved his dark fur in that.

  • What is there not to love?

  • Josh

    I didn’t really know who Campbell Scott was, just a little bit before my time and I’d never seen him in anything before Royal Pains……but he is a handsome older guy I have to admit.

    And as far as Mark Feuerstein goes, I think he is way sexy hot….. (my former roommate could pass for his twin brother) I never miss an episode of Royal Pains ….. http://www.squarehippies.com/2010/11/mark-feuerstein-in-knucklehead/#more-5583

    I’m rambling here — what I was gonna say is, being a fan of the show, of Dr. Hank Lawson (mark feuerstein) and finding Campbell Scott to be attractive, I am now waiting for the episode where Dr Hank ends up giving Boris (campbell scott) a hot, helping hand-job while performing his doctorly duties. Would be hot, and I bet it would make ratings go through the roof!


    I would do him all night long and start over in the morning. He is absolutely perfect in every way.

  • Jasper

    I don’t recall Campbell Scott being this furry; maybe he threw away his clippers. Thank G-d there’s a show that doesn’t think a chest forest is obscene. Josh has a good point, there at least needs to be a scene, or several scenes and/or episodes in which these two hot, handsome, sexy hunks of masculine fur need to be shirtless together, maybe in speedos, with lots of close-ups. Maybe the characters could fall in love,
    I love that many of these clips show the full torso, and others get closer to show the nips, and there’s even a close-up of his tummy. Yum!, drool, wipe chin, Purrrrrrr. Makes a fur lover want to dive into the forest, burrow in and never leave.
    Thank you Square, for your dedicated service to mankind with this website!

  • libra

    All the way from South Africa. Campbell Scott is a great actor and a very handsome man. Love him in Royal Pains, and love his voice in ATLAS 4D.
    Hope to see more of this fab man. It was his birthday on the 19th of July. I wish him everything of the best.

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