How Does This Make You Feel?

Here is the first official shot of Henry Cavill as the new Superman, via ONTD. The suit is being filled nicely (I bet there’s some serious shaving action going on under there), and that look is definitely a weapon of mass crotch destruction. I’m pretty sure a shirtless shot or two from “Man of Steel” (ala Andrew Garfield) will surface soon enough, preferably in Clark Kent mode. Til then, there are plenty of shirtlessness from Mr. Cavill to drool at. How does Henry Cavill as Superman make you feel?

  • Mark

    As much as I love him,I don’t feel he’s the right guy to play Superman.I always think he is too beautiful to portray Clark Kent/Superman.Even looking at him above in the suit,I still don’t feel him as a Superman.Brandon Routh was and still is perfect for the role but it’s too bad he didn’t get this one.I just feel bad for Brandon because he got his big break by starring in the worst Superman movie ever made!After that we’re kinda never seen him that often anymore.I would love to see him on this one but it is what it is. πŸ™

  • Boris

    I wonder why they would shave/wax HC for the role of CK/Superman, for the original comics character, when seen bare chested, is always depicted as a moderately hairy man, just go check the English Wikipedia on Superman, and there is (at least there use to be) a pic of when the man of steel was killed, his uniform is all torn up and we see his hairy chest…

  • John

    I prefer Brandon Routh honestly. They’re both great looking guys. This picture doesn’t do Henry justice.

  • Mallory

    Usually I don’t go with the crowd, but on this one I think I do. Henry is a very handsome man, but somehow he doesn’t seem to feel right for Superman. Brandon Routh, though I find him less sexy, was better for the role.

  • James

    based on these photos of Cavill as Clark Kent I’d say there wasn’t a mandatory razoring this time. WOOT!

  • ImWithStupid

    gotta agree with Mallory here. Not bad, Henry Cavill’s hot. but man it aint so great either πŸ™

  • MikeD

    There are multiple sex scenes in “The Tudors” with Henry Cavill and different women. His character is the best friend of Henry VIII. He even has sex with Henry’s sister. In Season 1, Episode 1, he is shown nude. He is very hairy chested and scruff face. He is one of the main characters of the whole series. There is one wild sex scene with his wife in bed in another episode. He is really more noble and handsome than King Henry VIII.

  • bo

    He is one of the most handsome man in the world but… what’s with his hair??

  • eagander

    I looked at the Wikipedia superman pic, The Death of Superman, as Boris mentioned. He’s depicted with a furry, full but trimmed chest. Cavill certainly has a nice furry chest too. Hope he’s not shaved in the movie as most Superman actors have been. There was a time that a hairy chest was a sign of virility.

  • metcalfe

    Cavill is one of the hottest men in the world and he will make a great Superman. Still – they need to work on the hair – that’s not the best hair look for him. Let it hang more naturally and not so slicked back.

  • I ***Absolutely Hate*** the suit. it makes Cavill look like Giant Lizard Man
    not Superman. Who’s the idiot at Warner Bros. who okayed the design???

  • szoszo

    doesn’t do a thing for me πŸ™ and that suit is horribly executed… they should pace these superhero movies. i’m getting sick of these half assed unnecessary attempts butchering the classics.

  • Mallory

    Good luck with that one. All movie execs worship the almighty dollar, nothing else. He may do a good job, really. But to me, I don’t see Henry and think ‘Superman’

  • Rockhopper

    The costume is different, but it is kind of the way DC is currently going with the character. On the other hand, it appears to afford a great view of the vein running down his right biceps. πŸ™‚

  • Mike

    …God we’re all sluts. Heh.

  • Michael

    totally agree with rockhopper. bring back brandon as superman! henry is handsome but doesn’t have that it factor that says superman. that’s wb for ya…another wrong choice just like not green lighting angelina jolie to play wonder woman!

  • Michael

    Totally agree with rockhopper/mike. brandon routh is superman. henry is super handsome but doesn’t have the it factor to play superman. another bad choice from the wb. just like them too…they wouldn’t even choose angelina jolie to play wonder woman! what’s up with that?! wb sucks donkeys!

  • David

    He is cute, but i am getting so sick of seeing ANOTHER Superman movie! Also, i hope i dont see another Batman movie! those characters are starting to get old for me. We need to wait at least another 20 years before these above characters are shown again. Currently, Green Lantern and Captain America characters are so much more refreshing. i hope the lesser known superheros in the Justice League and Marvel comics have their day in the sun

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