Sam Claflin in Any Human Heart

Sam Claflin Shirtless in Any Human Heart

You know, I honestly think that Sam Claflin’s male prettiness can rival that of Matthew Bomer – who holds the title of the most beautiful man in the world at the moment. Their genes should be mass produced (not forgetting Guy Berryman – still looking for that ILLUSIVE shirtless picture) so we have a lot of pretty males to look at. Here are some caps of a shirtless, UNSHAVED Sam Claflin by Casperfan in UK television series “Any Human Heart”, before he went on to face the Nair kingdom that is Hollywood as the new Orlando Bloom Philip in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”. I predict only the big things for this fine English piece, but it would be nice if they laid off the epilation once in a while to unleash Sam’s true hotness.

Sam Claflin Shirtless in Any Human Heart

Sam Claflin in Any Human Heart

Sam Claflin Shirtless in Any Human Heart

Sam Claflin Shirtless in Any Human Heart

Sam Claflin Shirtless in Any Human Heart

  • len

    am i the only one here. and am i going to be the only one to say that he’s GORGEOUS AND SUPERHOTT!!!!

  • OK. He´s cute, of course.
    But I prefer older men.

  • Mason

    Geez…between Bomer, Berryman, and this guy, we have EXACTLY the same taste in men.

  • David Z.

    He is so far out of Matthew Bomer’s league I don’t know where to begin. Yes, Mr. Clafin is a beautiful man who outshines 90% of the maile population under 40. But the piercing blue of Matthew Bomer’s eyes; the chiseled Greek proporitons of his face; and the ridiculous genetics of his well toned but not “overdone” physique, I am sorry to say, put him so far beyond Mr Clafin as far as unattainable beauty that there is no comparison. I also hope Mr Clafin doesn’t actually smoke; but this image on screen is so unattractive I can hardly look past this abomination dangling from his orifice.

  • Pat

    Agree with David that the cigarette is a huge turnoff.

    Agree that Clafin’s physique doesn’t equal Bomer’s, and he’s too smooth to be admitted into the Valhalla that is the fraternity of hairy-chested hunks.

    However, accentuating the positive, I have to acknowledge that Clafin’s eyes are compelling and his face is as beautiful as any I know of.

  • Rockhopper

    I think Matt’s title is safe.

  • Jebb

    There is no one on the same level as the Bomer – he actually makes me believe there is a God!

  • Beagz

    Square, the last thing I want to do is hack you off, but you should check out a couple of his pics on – just don’t shoot the messenger! 😉

  • aramax1001

    He should NEVER do another love scene with a girl; only with another guy!! I don’t think women would appreciate his drop-dead beauty; nor his chiseled (humina-humina) to-die-for good looks. (Only olther men do…and that’s a fact) Let him have a little manlove, a bromance that’s hot-n-heavy with another dude (or multiple dudes). But, LEAVE THE WOMEN OUT OF THE PICTURE… I’m serious here….

  • Rupertbare

    Here is a truly gorgeous male!!!!! With the sort of arse I make a main meal of!!!!!!!!

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