Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back

Sullivan Stapleton Shirtless in Strike Back

If you’re in the mood for some hot Aussie furriness today, brace your crotches because they’re in for a treat. Feast your eyeballs on Sullivan Stapleton, who stars in the second series of “Strike Back” (or “Strike Back: Project Dawn” in the UK) as seen here capped by Superherofan along with some skin from equally generous Philip Winchester. Personally I think Philip is pale in comparison to the lushness of Mr. Stapleton (yes, my follicle-loving ass is obviously biased). It is not clear whether the shirtlessness will continue in the upcoming episode, but from the look of Sullivan’s perfect body profile – it is a damn crime if he stays shirted throughout the series.

Sullivan Stapleton Shirtless in Strike Back

Sullivan Stapleton Shirtless in Strike Back

Sullivan Stapleton Shirtless in Strike Back

Sullivan Stapleton Shirtless in Strike Back

Philip Winchester Shirtless in Strike Back

  • DoverDavid

    Nice hairy things down under.

  • SWil

    If you watch the first episode you’re treated to a couple of shots of Mr. Stapleton’s rather fine ass. I think I fell in love at least twice.

  • And it looks like we got a little bit of pube shot in the last one. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this man.

  • love those furry blokes from down under.

  • Mallory

    Oh…. Oh yes. Yeah, Australians always have sex appeal on lock, don’t they? Even the uglier ones are still pretty sexy. Dunno how that’s possible, but it pretty much is.

  • gruffbear

    Wow, perfect. Not too bulky, handsome and hairy. I’m in love 🙂

  • len

    LUV philip winchester 1000x more than sullivan(minus the scar).

  • KarmaLysing

    It’s official: Australia has a breeding programme. Bless them.

  • EthxIkku

    Australian guys are like wine the older they get, the juicier they got.. 🙂

  • Phil

    That’s it I’m booking a flight and quite possibly it’ll be a one way down under…

  • Jay in crappy Michigan

    All I know is I am looking forward to seeing this and frame advancing through that scene with the towel and some gun toting intruder. Probably a gun in one hand and something else steely hard and ready to shoot in the other !?

  • Kae

    If australia wasn’t such a horrible place to live, I’d immigrate in a heartbeat. You rarely come across an ugly aussie.. and even then they have probably have something lovely to make up for it like a nice furry chest.

  • Alex

    Yes there are both so hot. What about Richard Armitage from the first season he is just gorgeous!

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