A Saint and A Sinner

Kevin Connolly Shirtless

Excuse my follicle naivety, but I always thought that Kevin Connolly (who is probably  a little smaller than the size of my thumbnail) is naturally smooth as sin. These caps from a recent episode of “Entourage” by Groopii has proved me wrong (again). Personally, I think it’s a little weird but as a strong supporter for man fur, I approve of this unexpected growth. Moving on to the deserted area of the neighborhood, the second half of the post is for the always shameless shaver Jeremy Piven, who so far still in denial of the follicle hotness that he possesses. I really just wish he has the strength to put those waxing strips down for once and stop fighting the fur!

Kevin Connolly Shirtless

Jeremy Piven Shirtless

Jeremy Piven Shirtless

Jeremy Piven Shirtless

  • Milton

    I’ve always found Kevin Connolly to be a sexy guy. For me, sometimes, a guy who’s shorter than me(not out-of-the-ordinary short) to be a sexy turn-on. Even more so if the shorter man is the assertive one. I’m turned on, too, by those furred arms. Wish you had close-ups of those legs, too. More Kevin Connolly!!

  • Personally, I’d like some close-ups of what Mr. Piven has got going on…you know…ahem.

  • John

    I was onboard with Kevin until I saw the chest tattoo. Those are a big turn off for me.

  • JeffAT

    I miss Mr. Piven’s days as Ellen’s cousin… he had THE most beautiful hairy chest back then!

  • Boris

    Piven looks so much older now that he have waxed to look younger…

  • len

    why is it that short irish guys are so fuckin’ HOTT!!!!

  • JJD

    Look at picture 10 is that a bulge I see?

  • WMassGuy

    Jeremy Piven was SO damn hot on the Ellen Degeneres show! Shaving that magnificent chest of his is a crime! I’m guessing that it’s beginning to turn gray and he’s self-conscious about it.

  • Jamie

    I have always found Kevin to be hot. I knew he had a hairy chest. Glad to see it fully exposed here.

  • DoverDavid

    Jeremy Piven lost everything when he started waxing…..next!

  • briebrie

    Guys, I hate to say this out loud, and maybe it’s not true but I heard that Mr. Piven is no longer shaving that sexy fur he once had because it has been murdered by an evil laser! Yes, I’m afraid that this may be his unnaturally “natural” state from now on… It makes sense if you think about how long it’s been since he turned smoothy and the amount of time it would take to keep that amount of hair from ever showing up as the smallest amount of stubble. I hope it’s not true but I would not put it past him to go under the laser… 🙁 Poor guy will really hate that he did that when chest hair REALLY comes back into fashion!

  • Marie Cohn

    JP just transplanted his chest hair follicles to the top of his head, is all.

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