Back – with Alex O’Loughlin 2.0

Sullivan Stapleton Shirtless in Strike Back

For once in about a month or so, I’m going to sit my ass down and churn some posts. I have been traveling quite a lot recently and… Okay, enough excuses (I wasn’t making that one up though). Let’s pick up the drooling where we left it, and go through the skin scenes that have been happening in my absence. For starters, to make up for the lack of chest hair in the previous post – more delicious Australian furry mancake Sullivan Stapleton (prior shirtlessness can be found here) in some very suggestive facial expressions from “Strike Back” capped by Groopii. As I don’t follow this series, I’d let my gutter brain do the conclusion for these caps. I’d say he’s well on his way to share Alex O’Loughlin spot in Hollywood, and that is a good thing. More posts and all the hotness are coming your way soon, pinky promise!

Sullivan Stapleton Shirtless in Strike Back

Sullivan Stapleton Shirtless in Strike Back

Sullivan Stapleton Shirtless in Strike Back

  • pinkie

    Alex has been keeping me up for years now and then Sullivan Stapleton came along to double my pleasure! It’s like have a hot testosterone furry Aussie sammich!! I love me a Down Undah Deli delight!
    Thank you, seeing them both on the same page is almost more than I can take.

  • bo

    I think he’s handsome. Until he smiles

  • Rusty

    That’s a high compliment….please don’t rush this guy into Alex’s limelight yet. We haven’t had enough of Alex yet!!!!

  • Tom

    What a delightful way to wake up this morning by looking at this furry handsome guy. It was worth the wait of your returning to give us this. Thanks and welcome back from all your travels.

  • KarmaLysing

    He was actually getting a deep tissue massage… LOLOL… That said, the fact that the producers of “Strike Back” never miss an opportunity to get their two male leads out of their clothing makes me happy. Very happy.

  • chey

    I was fantasizing about getting him out of that uniform back when he was on Darkness Falls and does Strike Back ever deliver. Certainly makes my friday nights warm and fuzzy.
    Welcome back.

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