The Lost Hamm Sex Tape

Jon Hamm Shirtless in Bridesmaids

I feel like I need to give myself a nice pat of the back for keeping the mah husbands posts to the minimum recently, but the time has come to flaunt the one and only Jon Hamm also known as one of the finest piece of mancakes in Hollywood at the moment. This was taped during one of our many rendezvous and has been kept away from you perverts til now. Okay, it’s actually a deleted love scene featuring mah husband from “Bridesmaids” via Vulture (also known as the female version of “The Hangover”) and many thanks to John for the heads up. A little warning though, your vaginas may explode during the first and the last 30 seconds of the clip – keep that Kleenex box close. Just so you know.

Jon Hamm Shirtless in Bridesmaids

Jon Hamm Shirtless in Bridesmaids

Jon Hamm Shirtless in Bridesmaids

  • DoverDavid


  • JJD

    I wish I could put the first 30 seconds on replay!

  • knockout

    WOW I only wish I could experiance the first 30 seconds.

  • rodthehorny

    I would love to see him do that with another man… Hmmmm

  • Pete

    Not only that but he’s smart, super-nice and funny. Just saw ‘Bridesmaids’ DVD last night… Mr. Hamm is so handsome, It HURTS !

  • taylor

    He is so Fucking hot

  • Carlos

    Every time I see him, I suddenly get a craving for a Hamm sandwich.

  • Bart

    Is that Hamm sandwich consisting of a Hamm sausage and your buns? 😉
    sorry couldn’ resist.

  • D

    I know I’m, like, the only one in the world, but he honestly does nothing for me. Nothing. He’s actually kind of a boner-killer for me.

  • Cheynne

    I want to bone him long and hard until he cries begging me to stop

  • Sexy lady

    I think he’s sexy!! He makes me cum in my pants, god I wish I could lick him all over!

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