Guess This Hairy Chest

Considering the current Hollywood policy on body hair, the candidate for this gloriously furry chest (and pits) can be narrowed down. This actor has many decent films under his belt, and currently in a popular television series sharing the hotness spot with another hairy and often too generous lead. Guess before you click!

It’s everybody’s favorite TV teddy Scott Caan! I think Scott should be given the same opportunity to shed his shirt as often as Alex O’Loughlin in “Hawaii Five-0”. Two hairy chests is always better than one! With that, I’ve included some caps of a very shirtless Alex from the season pilot as well. Yes, right click save is the next appropriate action if you ask me.

  • Tom

    Love the hot pit shot…….not to mention the chest. One hot man, guess I will have to watch one of these shows sometime.
    He is hot!!
    Thanks for sharing…let me look at that pit one more time……mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Servonut

    I knew Scott was furry, but DAMN! I would never have guessed he was hiding such a treasure! Thanks for sharing.

  • Boris

    Scott Caan should not wear a shirt at all… ever…

  • KarmaLysing

    Boris – As the show IS set (and filmed) in Hawaii, my personal opinion is that shirts should be banned from the set, just in general.

  • Jay in Crappy Michigan

    He is quite hawt ! If you search the web you can see photos of him chaning in or out of his surfing wetsuit…with a nice twig and berry bonus !

  • Anne Noise

    Been waiting for some great shirtless shots off of Reno 911: Hawaii or whatever his new show is called. Thanks.

  • BobbyinTN

    Love the new HAWAII 5-0 and a lot of that love has to do with the hairy leading men. Of course I’m not THAT shallow, the show is well written and acted, but man, all that hair is reason enough..

  • bcooper

    oh, to be able to scrub on that fur!

  • movieguy

    Ughhhj gross…Scott caan just doesn’t do it for me AT ALL! More Alex please!!!

  • JuanCarlos

    Finally!!!!! This in my opinion the SEXIEST BEAR ON TV right now!!! I just can’t get enough!!! he is so hot, MANLY, adorable and once again so damn HOT
    Please does anyone else agreed with me? someone?

  • JJD

    @JuanCarlos I totally agree he is the sexiest bear around right now and I would do many dirty things to him. Then again who wouldnt!

  • Phil


  • perfect

  • DoverDavid

    Yum, yum, yum, yum, yummy!!

  • sam

    Noooo. There is hot and hairy = Alex. And hairy and short and looking like something off of The Hobbit = Scott.

    But I will forgive you for at least including some Alex pics. Now that is a beautiful man.

  • Rupertbare

    IS IT A MAN OR A MONKEY????????

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