Henry Cavill Shirtless in Man of Steel

There’s only one occasion in a year I am allowing myself to put “Hairylujah” in the title, and I think this is the best time to do so. Just hours after the new stills for “Immortals” being released, out came these amazing behind the scene pictures of a VERY hairy Henry Cavill – beard and all filming “Man of Steel”. The hairy gods have finally answered our prayers for follicle hotness to return on his chest after being stripped down, and for the first time we have a furry Superman on film. Hairylujah indeed!

Henry Cavill Shirtless in Man of Steel

Henry Cavill Shirtless in Man of Steel

Henry Cavill Shirtless in Man of Steel

  • Boris

    My God! Henry must have pumped a lot of iron to look this built!!! And I am so happy that they are FINALLY allowing Superman to be depicted as shown in the original Comics!

  • Zimrodel

    Woah, finally a real superman.

  • Tom

    Wow!!! Finally a Superman that is a Superman…hairy chest and all. OHHMEN!!

  • Mark

    Are you guys for real?!Just because he has a body like a superman doesn’t mean he looks like a superman.I have nothing against him but he is just too beautiful to play superman.Superman is somebody with a geek/jock looks,which is a very rare combo and I just don’t see that in Henry.Brandon Routh was perfect to portray it after Dean Cain but too bad that movie’s horrible.I think Ioan Gruffudd is perfect for this role!

  • Mike C.

    Swoon. I don’t care what he’s playing, that look is my ideal and always has been. It’s like someone stepped out of my fantasies. Sigh….

  • Sammy

    I just fell in love. OMG I’m dying here.

  • Andy

    There is and never has been anymore beautiful man on this planet!

  • Andy

    There has never been or can never be a more beautiful man

  • cutler

    LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! He is perfect for superman, love the furry chest and the beard!!

  • DC

    I AM IN LOVE!!!

  • QCNiceGuy

    We are all in love!!!!

  • if these photos are in fact from MAN OF STEEL Warner Bros.
    second try at rebooting the Superman franchise at what point
    in the storyline do they relate? in the above pics Cavill looks
    totally different than he does in the on set photos in the horrid
    new Superman outfit.

  • bcooper

    all i want to be is flown by him, hanging from underneath

  • the PHillip

    Mother furKer! Hotster!

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  • Mallory

    Very nice, good to see them sticking to the comics. Of course, the Batman movie next year’ll kick this things ass, whatever it is. Sorry, my nerd is showing. Guess I don’t care.

  • hally

    Ooh nice! I might skip immortals and wait for this. I love some furry chest hair. None of my female friends do but I don’t like a guy without some fuzz.

  • KCChieffan

    He looks so much better than he did in The Tudors. Can’t wait for Superman.

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  • Garreth

    Now that will make me watch this Superman film. If I was that guy before him, I might be sucking those nipples immediately.

  • xena gk

    The worse thing is that Henry Cavill is hairy for God sakes! He’s an alien from race that is with 1000 years or more ahead of us, therefor in the evolution process too! There should be no hair on the body and he should look a lot superior,muscular,handsomer! Cavill has a great looking face, but comparing with what Superman should look, it’s not enough!And again, what is up with that gorilla hair, cheezz! In the trailer, you can even see the hairs, popping out of the costume when he looks at Amy Adams! Disgusting!

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