More Deliciousness from the British Kitchen

Tom Aikens

There are several times I would ask myself, where has this hot pice of male deliciousness been all my life. This is one of those rare moments (okay, not really but you get the idea). Maybe a lot of you already knew about this one and couldn’t help but being all secretive and greedy keeping him from me, that’s fine I can understand. Not sure what is the deal with British chefs, but so far there’s one that has won me over and over again. Until now. Enter this scruffy piece of auburn hotness, Tom Aikens. This post is very demure by Squarehippies standard, but I could imagine hundreds of naughty things to do with him. Tom is a restauranteur, Michelin star chef and was voted as one of the world’s top 10 chefs a few years back. He’s also one of UK’s Iron Chefs last year. Well I can tell you at the moment he’s number one on my crotch chart – and considering that competition is insanely fierce (you know, with four husbands and all), that is huge. These pictures are a result of my stalking effort on Google, I’d imagine you can’t wait to do some scavenging yourself too!

Tom Aikens

  • Reese

    Holy smokes he’s handsome! And he cooks too! Wow! Maybe he could consider being another naked chef?

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  • Robert green

    Sorry to shatter any illusions, but I sat next to him at a dinner party and let’s just say Tom is no no stranger to homophobia.

  • @Robert Damn. There goes everything.

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