Oh Hai There, Jason O’Mara

Jason O'Mara Shirtless in Terra Nova

It takes a while for my crotch to identify with fine Irish manpiece Jason O’Mara’s brand of hotness. Age has definitely done him well. Here are some caps from the premiere of “Terra Nova” capped by Superherofan, with a contract shirtless scene specifically designed to boost ratings. Pretty standard nowadays. I think he should follow the O’Loughlin path and get the shirt off at every single opportunity possible. Oh and Stephen Lang (with all that facial hair)? That’s just shirtless waiting to happen. I’ll be there when it does.

Jason O'Mara Shirtless in Terra Nova

Jason O'Mara Shirtless in Terra Nova

Jason O'Mara Shirtless in Terra Nova

Jason O'Mara Shirtless in Terra Nova

Jason O'Mara Shirtless in Terra Nova

  • xapji

    I’ve always had the hots for Jason, the short lived series life on mars had him tied up and naked…. excuse me while I find the dvd…. and a box of tissues

  • SWil

    He’s a taste I’ve definately acquired. Between him and Nathan Fillion on Castle my Monday nights are spoken for complete with an hour in between to recuperate:)

  • Ty

    I’ll take an O’mara/O’loughlin sandwich with a side of Scott Caan to go…MMMM good

  • Daire

    Was googling him the other day looking for shirtless photos and couldn’t find any so thank you. He is yummy and looks great for his age. The guy is Irish too so can’t complain.

  • JeffAT

    Was wondering when you boys were going to discover him! Been enjoying all his shirtless scenes on Terra Nova for weeks now… YUM!

  • rodthehorny

    I am watching this show because of him

  • boxerboy1969

    love his pitt spread

  • Chinatrader

    Someone has to get a screen cap from BBCs “Monarch of the Glen” which has a 20-something O’Mara butt-nekkid jumping off a waterfall and floating around in a pond while he tries to get his clothes back from the chick who found them by the side of the pond. Full-frontal, if only a distance shot. C’mon Brit fans,pony up!

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