Something New for Your Ray Drecker Shrine

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Hung

The sight of Thomas Jane shirtless these days are abundant, but here’s something a little different for that permanent Ray Drecker shrine in your crotch. No, I’m not talking about his half peen in this week’s episode of “Hung”, but it’s the whole jockstrap thing that gets me all hot and bothered. Oh who am I kidding, I AM talking about his half peen appearance (obviously NSFW do please click during me time), although the authenticity of it is a little dubious. Nonetheless, it’s a visual.

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Hung

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Hung

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Hung

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Hung

Also, Matt Walsh. This is what I call wholesome.

Matt Walsh Shirtless in Hung

  • Sammy

    Thank you for this! Been waiting for pix from the new season of HUNG. He is so delicious.

  • Mark

    Fluffy Pink Nips!Drool…..

  • bcooper


  • mantrap9

    Ya gotta show the sweet seat ?

  • rodthehorny

    I want to have that jockstrap and smell it while I play with myself. Thanks for the pics this made my night complete. >3

  • mark


  • DoverDavid

    Nice Jock pouch!!

  • Sal

    Thomas Jane makes me all gooey inside. Outside, too, come to think of it.

  • Cr8zy

    Hello new desktop wallpaper!

  • bruckner

    Hi, guys. Greeting from (Thailand)fan. Check out this web “”, is it true?

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  • Phil

    There’s just something about a Jock, in a jock…

  • Nik

    Not sure I’m a huge fan of his recent quote, basically indicating that if the writers ever chose to make his character gay he’d quit.. But.. DAMN… he’s too fine..

  • Pat

    Right, Mark. Thomas Jane is all man; locks great in a jockstrap, and in particular those engorged nipples floating on a sea of chest hair are awesome.

  • Andy

    Yes, please!

  • superherofan had some yummy shots of his furry ass. While that cock may not be real, those pubes sure are.

  • Wonderful chest!

  • Kaos James

    I just saw Thomas Jane in “The Punisher” and also a movie called ‘I Melt With You” The man is gorgeous! I love a mature man and to me he’s my #1 choice for a beautiful upper body and just overall man heat!…not to mention those sexy eyes… Thanks for the jock strap pics Peace!

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