Armie Hammer in Mirror, Mirror

Armie Hammer Shirtless in Mirror, Mirror

Everybody’s talking about the upcoming Snow White films, among them “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “Mirror, Mirror”. The latter looks like a royal mess but it is my duty to separate the less important things and focus on the actual eye candy. Chris Hemsworth as the over masculine woodsman will sure blow everybody’s libido to pieces, but it is unclear whether that scruffy outfit will be shed in the film. If he does lose the shirt, I really hope that they leave his follicles alone. As much as people hate “Mirror, Mirror” – we were blessed by the sight of a very shirtless Armie Hammer as the Prince complete with a furry chest. That’s enough to get my ass to the theatre but again, I’m very easy to please. When I google Prince Charming, this is exactly what I expect to find.

Armie Hammer in Mirror, Mirror

Armie Hammer in Mirror, Mirror

Armie Hammer in Mirror, Mirror

Armie Hammer in Mirror, Mirror

  • len

    FYI, i’m Snow White, and he’s my prince charming. Go chase after Sleeping Beautys prince.

  • bcooper

    wouldn’t mind being whaled on by this hammer

  • Daknee

    Beautiful Man! Nuf Said!

  • fofml

    I love the way he says “you can rub my tummy” in the trailer!!!

  • Armie H. is my favorite type-the tall masculine pretty
    boy. now while it would be anatomically/physiologically
    impossible for a grown man(anyone over 21) to have
    no chest hair at all to refer to Armie’s minute amount
    of chest hair as “furry” is a bit much. 🙂

  • Nyles

    I’m hoping to see both Snow White Versions But Yep very attractive Man Enough Said.

  • nate

    can anyone describe the scene with the 2nd picture. with Hammer in towel and 4 (servants) behind him?
    some porn scene r going on in my head, and i certainly want to be in it

  • jeffreyj

    Hey Armie, bring the brownies to the porn shoot.

  • Jack

    Those other guys in the backroung look like their pretty built, I wish they’d show shirtless

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