El Carpetillo

Eduardo Capetillo Shirtless

From the land of wax we move on to the land of bountiful vegetation, and I’m referring to this furry hunk of man – Mexican actor and singer Eduardo Capetillo. Well, more like CARPETILLO to be honest. You’ll never see forest that lush in a north American production, I guess it would scare the children or something. These towel-icious caps (not that you will notice it anyway) are from telenovela “Soy Tu Dueña”. I think I’ve just died and gone to follicle heaven. Thanks ChewieBear for this important piece of information!

Eduardo Capetillo Shirtless

Eduardo Capetillo Shirtless

Eduardo Capetillo Shirtless

Here’s a recent one (I’d imagine) of Eduardo. Hell to the yes to the facial hair!

Eduardo Capetillo Shirtless

  • Optilux

    I like hairy but… well… it’s too much here.
    And the bad acting doesn’t help.

  • Maz

    My gawd that’s how everybody’s cheat should be like.
    Is he Pete Kuzak’s lost brother?

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  • DoverDavid

    Very nice, always good to see a man left alone, to be and grow what he was suposed to have from birth.

  • joe

    i find this pretty gross. i have no problem with chest hair but this is just like he’s wearing a dead animal or somebody glued some carpet on him.. can’t make out any sort of body at all

  • Carina

    Like a carpet? No, thanks.

  • Endymion2009

    Perfect chest, perfectly hairy!

  • @Maz OMG Pete Kuzak… even typing his name gives me the tingles…

  • Boris

    I never made the “connection” between Eduardo and Pete before, but I would prefer them to be lovers rather then brothers!!!

  • Mimi

    Wow. Just…. wow. Magnificent.

  • severn

    the pic w/facial hair…yes!

    the pics w/o facial hair but overgrown chest rug…yuk!

  • Jack

    If I hadn’t seen it on this site, I would have thought that was fake hair on his chest. But I sure would love to snuffle through what I see there.

  • JuanCarlos

    Well, this is what we LATINOS get to see every day!!!!!
    I’ve been an Eduardo’s fan ever since I can remember, and trust me, he is Hairy…but this is over the top Hairy!!!!! now I think they glued some extra hair for those scenes, he doesn’t look like that ussually…but the man is hot, I mean, the chest is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!
    @ Square, thanks for spreading your wings to show what latinos have, ohh and you should look for some photos of a young Eduardo…you would die!!! really!!!!

  • Servonut

    My “father” is full blooded latino. Why didn’t I get even HALF of that luxurious pelt?!

  • Pedro

    That is my every sexy dream come to life. THAT is my perfect man.

  • Arthur

    OH my god! Love it!

  • Arthur

  • dbk636466

    Woof Woof Woof….I once dated a guy who had that much chest hair and let me tell you it was like taking a tip toe through the tulips….Thanks Square for this morning’s post….will keep it in my head for a long time to come. 🙂

  • Tom

    Man, I love all that hair…love to snuggle up to that . Love to see the rest of this fantastic man’s body. Thanks for sharing and making my day!!!

  • Loogey

    WOW…what a magnificent looking man/bear/guy….totally awersome erotic and powewrful witness to maleness…

  • Gabriel

    Actually, the screen caps are more recent. Eduardo’s pic with facial hair was taken during shooting of the telenovela “Fuego en la sangre” (2008); “Soy tu dueña” is from 2010.

    JuanCarlos, if you call yourself a true fan of Eduardo Capetillo you should know he need not glue extra hair on his chest or anything like that. The fact is, Eduardo usually brushes his chest hair before shooting a shirtless scene; this time he did not, so we see all those curls springing to life for all of us.

  • Wow! I’d love to also snuggle down on that magnificent hairy chest of a man!

  • JuanCarlos

    @Gabriel, thanks for the info, I didn’t know about the brushing of the chest hair!!! well, he’s certaily changed since ” Alcanzar una Estrella” do you remember that soap? the truth is that I love him ever since Timbiriche!!! but I’m so shocked to see how much hair he has now!!! Biby is one lucky lady!!!

  • eagander
  • Chewiebear

    LOL…I’m glad to see others had the same reaction as I did wen this fine specimen popped onto my lap…..top. Of course this is only the beginning a of a very long trail, so to speak.

  • sam

    This site is the best ever! I’ve spent hours looking at hot hunks but this is too much. Just noooo. I’m logging off now. There is a limit to the hair I can take. But I’ll be back tomorrow. (Honestly if I hadn’t read the comments I’d have thought it was fake).

  • Andrew


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  • Marie Cohn

    Isn’t that a brown Merino wool sleeveless sweater he’s spoting?

  • Cutie Pie

    Yum and my

  • WMassGuy

    Simply breathtaking. The ultimate Tall Dark Handsome Hairy Hunk! Thank you!

  • Josh

    I don’t knock others for what they may find attractive, sexy, likeable, etc. as I know not everyone would agree with my personal tastes or likes as well.

    But on this one, I gotta just say, since I saw the pictures I keep going ‘ptuh ptuh ptuh with my tongue and lips … i can feel the phantom hairs in my mouth! LOL

  • Pat

    Fabulous. Plenty of testosterone flowing through his veins, no question.

  • anonymous

    Men with chest hair can be hot but thats too much for my tastes.

  • Red

    Does anyone know exactly which episodeof Soy Tu Dueña this was (number….etc.) THANKS

  • Mark

    I just want to bury my face in there! Woof!

    An old telenovela from 1994 called “Marimar” is currently running on one of my cable stations, with a very young and cute (but yes, alarmingly hairy) Eduardo. Adorable!

  • HugyBearMD

    I’d do him in a heartbeat. Sit on my face Papi!

  • rana

    call me hairy guys @ 9748542755

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