John White in Boy Toy

John White Shirtless

It has been a while since I’ve watched crap for skin (sounds a little perverted actually), so here are some shirtless caps of John White from the straight to DVD mess that nobody should see sober, “Boy Toy“. I know, the title might give you the tingles and stimulate the urge to click that BUY NOW button, unless you have an extra 90 minutes of your life, I’d say don’t do it. I’ve a had a little crush on John when I saw him in one of those shit American Pie sequels on TV, and it’s good to know he’s getting more work. The suffering was done for you.

John White in Toy Boy

John White Shirtless

John White Shirtless

John White Shirtless

It’s also good to know Simon Rex is still working!

Simon Rex Shirtless Boy Toy

  • Optilux

    Not hot at all. Sorry. 🙁

  • beagz

    The pics of him in the suit remind me of another JW – James Wolk.

  • len

    boy, they even resurrected morgan fairchild from the dead too. It looks like your typical formula sex movie. and a real stinker at that.

  • robert klein

    oh crap…I’ll buy it; John is cute, has a delightful muff of chest fur and those furry pits are so appealing. I understand, when I buy the DVD online, since sales are rather sluggish, John will actually it my home in person

  • Phil

    Time has not been kind to Simon…

  • Not my typical guy, but I like him.

  • So Boy Toy is like Duece Bigalow Male Gigalo?

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