Say Hello to Aaron Lazar

Aaron Lazar Shirtless

Once again, Google has provided crucial information via the search suggestion for “Aaron Lazar shirtless” that there is serious demand for this Broadway star’s skin caps on the interwebs. Worry no more. Thanks to Topher, these quick shots of Aaron’s shirtlessness as reporter O’Brady Shaw are from a recent “Sex in America” episode IFC’s Onion News Network. It’s really hard to hear what he’s saying when those to adequately furry and sweaty (please let me believe) pecs are staring at you.

  • Jack

    Oh, that makes me *SO* thankful that no newscaster here in San Antonio would EVER do that. But Aaron is very nice!!

  • Bro

    there are no words…

  • Optilux

    He is hot, yes.
    But that was stupid…

  • Phil

    Stupid yes-by dayum if I don’t wanna lick that sexy body…

  • KarmaLysing

    The Onion is a satire paper. They do crazy/silly/goofy/bizarre crap all the time. I want Aaron Lazar for Christmas. Just sayin’.

  • Larry

    The Onion News Network is a faux news show that is hilarious. He’s not a real reporter. Just a hot-ass man. I dvr this weekly hoping for more!

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  • TD

    This guy on “news” and Matt Walton on “sports” – ONN is the hottest network going.

  • hairystud

    Aaron Lazar took over the role of Fabrizio in “The Light in the Piazza” on Broadway after Matthew Morrison left. He has a gorgeous voice. He’s on the version that was taped for Great Performances on PBS (although I do not think it was ever turned into a DVD.)

  • Hello Aaron. My place or yours?

  • Joe

    I might have had a stroke when he said the words “my naked torso”.


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