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Shirtless Contestants in The Amazing Race

Last year, we have been blessed with the sight of the shirtless cowboys. This year, the generosity in “Amazing Race” continues as every team has the opportunity to shed the shirt and everything else. The orange speedos are a nice touch. Not missing the action of course, Phil joined in the fun in this body building challenge in Germany. It has been a while, although I just wish that he takes it easy on the eyebrow thing. Just a shame the judges are covered, especially the goateed one. And yes, in case you were wondering Bill is the best looking one out of the bunch. Haters kindly move to the left.

Shirtless Contestants in The Amazing Race

Shirtless Contestants in The Amazing Race

Shirtless Contestants in The Amazing Race

Shirtless Contestants in The Amazing Race

The one I was talking about.

Shirtless Contestants in The Amazing Race

  • Sebastian

    I call the short-haired blond guy.

  • len

    I second Sebastians comment!

  • TSB

    I like the short-haired blonde (Ernie), but I also think the one with the beard would be hot if he got rid of all that hair. He has a really nice body and smile.

  • scott

    gimme the blond bearded one!!

  • I watched the ep + it looks like Jeremy is packing some heat. Marcus (the dark chocolate ex-football player), Ernie (short-haired blonde), + Andy (the bearded blonde snowboarder) looked pretty nice in the Speedo, too. Bill is in pretty good shape, also.

  • P.S. This is what the bearded cutie (Andy Finch) looks like more clean-shaven:

  • Carlos

    I loved it all too, but I could not stop thinking of that Belgian bodybuilder in the black speedos.

  • cameron

    What a load of crap!

  • TSB

    Thanks for the pic Andy without all the facial hair. He’s beautiful. Why is covering up all that beauty with hair? His eyes are stunning. Yum.

  • FakeName

    The Phil Keoghan eyebrow pop is sacred! Do not speak ill of it!

  • Brawny

    That bald guy definitely belongs in a HotOlderMale video!!!

  • Nick

    Looks like there’s minimal fur but lovely facial scruff on Jeremy. Have there been any other caps of him on SH?

  • pbjtime76

    Some hot footage of Ernie flexing – from 0:26 to 0:39 seconds…

  • JohnT

    Ernie and Jeremy definitely do the orange suits justice!

  • Gregg

    Ernie looked the part. Andy was the hottest, in my opinion….beard, hair and all! Tommy seemed to have the largest bulge in his trunks. Wondering why Jeremy was the only one they didn’t show much, and why when they did, his bulge was blurred….vpl maybe?

  • you can watch the clip here:

    too bad zac got eliminated on the previous episode. i would have loved to see him in this leg

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