The Mike Rowe of Food?

Todd Wilbur Shirtless in Top Secret Recipe

I hope you guys are well fed since my last post (which is the reason I left you with a nice chunky one). As a lover of older men, my ass is always on the lookout for fresh mature beef. Enter food author and host of CMT’s “Top Secret Recipe” Todd Wilbur. I’m getting a very strong suburban dad vibe from this fine piece of man beef, and of the salivating-over-him-washing-a-car-in-July-with-a-wife-beater-on sorts. And I know for sure I’m not the only one, as foretold my the mighty Google. You know something seriously needs to be done when they suggested your “Todd Wilbur” search with “Todd Wilbur shirtless”. These are the caps from the pilot where Todd teased us with a little flash of skin. We are definitely craving for more, and I’m not talking about bloody KFC! Also, don’t get me started on those hairy arms…

Todd Wilbur in Top Secret Recipe

Todd Wilbur in Top Secret Recipe

Todd Wilbur in Top Secret Recipe

Todd Wilbur in Top Secret Recipe

Todd Wilbur in Top Secret Recipe

  • Anne Noise

    Ooooof, yes please. Very sexy. Definite Mike Rowe vibes.

  • Sammy

    I WANT THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xo

  • Ted

    The Mike Rowe of Food?…Not even close.

  • severn

    hair forearms…a weakness of mine…i am melting!

  • severn

    hairy forearms…a weakness of mine…i am melting!

  • len

    give me his associate in the van…..please!

  • Joe

    Yes. YES. That’s the stuff. These are strong yummy arms. Excellent caps!


  • very sexy!!!!!

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  • Bro

    I’d hit it…
    You have to love seeing skin when it’s totally unnecessary and unexpected, like on a food show…

  • Pat

    Sorry, but I don’t see anything here to get that excited about. Nice arms, I grant you. However, I’m afraid that he has devoured a few too many of his own creations, with slightly unfortunate results in the ratio between shoulders and waist. Nothing that couldn’t be cured by a few thousand crunches, but still….

  • Ribadib

    I basically masturbated to his totally SFW youtube video of him re-creating the McRib.

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