2011 in (Shirtless) Pictures

It’s that time of the year where my server crashed because of this post. In the world of interwebs, that’s a good thing. Okay, that was just wishful thinking. Mind you, this joint not that popular. *awkward silence* Anyway, let’s take off one item of clothing (make sure the heating’s on) and look back at some of my favorite posts of 2011.

The year started with a pretty much naked Adam Levine. This must a sign of good things to come ahead.

Adam Levine Shirtless

I know this is not exactly new material, but a quick rewind to 1994 revealed some timeless hairy pits shots of Matt Maccoy.

Matt McCoy Shirtless

Adorkable teddy Kyle Bornheimer might be born into this world just for the purpose of starring in rom-coms, but as long as he keeps the chunk on and showing it off on the screen, we’ll be thankful for his existence.

Kyle Bornheimer Shirtless

If one of your dreams is to watch Jake Gyllenhaal pleases himself, then wake up and smell the tissue because here he is doing just that.

Jake Gyllenhaal Shirtless

Salt and pepper make everything taste and look delicious. Matt LeBlanc included.

Matt LeBlanc Shirtless

You might want to remember this name when you go to bed tonight (and many nights after): Vanja Udovicic.

Vanja Udovicic Shirtless

Just because 2011 is was a big year for Colin Firth, why not indulge some of his shots in a towel?

Colin Firth Shirtless

Jenson Button’s Head and Shoulders advert might not be award winning material, but he is in a shower so that’s enough to win ANYTHING in my book.

Jenson Button Shirtless

A quick rewind to the 80s where you drooled over Harrison Ford in Blade Runner wouldn’t hurt.

Harrison Ford Shirtless

It’s my British husband Phil Spencer – making wet dreams everywhere come true in “Vacation, Vacation, Vacation”.

Phil Spencer Shirtless

He is just PERFECTION. Full fucking stop.

Phil Spencer Shirtless

Do I have to explain Ryan Gosling with his top off? Not really.

Ryan Gosling Shirtless

Look it’s Zac Efron on a swing!

It’s a big deal when someone mention this site in an interview – in this case, with Morgan Spurlock.

Morgan Spurlock Shirtless

Another name you need to remember – German actor Max Alberti. And no, this is not a screenshot of that film you like in your “special” folder. Close, I know.

Max Alberti Shirtless

Fittest congressman in the country? You be the judge.

Aaron Schock Shirtless

It may have taken him about a decade or so but this and this make all those sleepless nights altavista-ing “Jeff Timmons 98 Degrees Shirtless” damn worth it.

Jeff Timmons Shirtless

Does anyone know what is Henry Cavill’s current follicle situation? It’s hard to tell – he was stripped bare (or more accurately, waxed) for “Immortals” but went full force as a Superman-Wolverine hybrid afterwards. Yes and oh so fucking YES to the latter.

Henry Cavill Shirtless

Henry Cavill Shirtless

Enough waxing, let’s go naturally smooth with Christopher Gorham.

Christopher Gorham Shirtless

I’m sure the reasons are pretty obvious, but I don’t know why I feel so guilty drooling over this beady eyed hotness.

Eddie Cibrian Shirtless

All this talk about shirtlessness is exhausting, let’s take a break by helping ourselves to a generous serving of beef from Eddie McClintock.

Eddie McClintock Shirtless

Not enough? How about ginger flavored beef then. Here are some Sean Patrick Davey shots by Marlen Boro.

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Moving on… MAH HUSBAND. I won’t elaborate at the risk of spontaneous combustion.

Jason Sudeikis Shirtless

Why have one when you can double the pleasure? Here’s Dave Franco in Dave Franco. Literally.

Dave Franco Shirtless

One of the most beautiful men on my list – Cuyle Carvin. So beautiful I’m willing to sit through his rubbish films and I can almost forgive him for not letting his chest hair be great.

Cuyle Carvin Shirtless

Cuyle Carvin Shirtless

Apart from mah husband and mah British husband, this RARE shot of the sexiest bassist ever lived Guy Berryman has to be the biggest shirtless event of the entire year. It has to be!

There wasn’t a lot of Mike Rowe to go around in 2011, but at least we have this.

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Oh hai there, Dylan McDermott. If the lighting is a little brighter, you would be perfect.

Dylan McDermott Shirtless

The chunk is right! Here’s Chris Pratt showing off in “Park and Recreation”.

Chris Pratt Shirtless

How much is too much? Eduardo Carpetillo Capetillo is definitely raising the limit.

Eduardo Capetillo Shirtless

The idea of SNL’s Kissing Family must have flourished from people who have the same gutter mind as the rest of us, and mah husband Paul Rudd is absolutely perfect for that. Just don’t let mah two husbands tonguing each other please. That would be a tad much.

Paul Rudd's Gay Kiss

Aaand finally, let’s round up this never ending post by drooling on Sacha Harding, Ben Cohen in training. I like, you like, we like. Let’s hope for more of this taking your kit off for charity thing in 2012!

Sacha Harding Shirtless

I’d like to thank everyone from the bottom of my crusty heart for making 2011 such a great year (even with the occasional absence). I have a feeling 2012 will be even better! What’s your favorite shirtless post(s) of 2011?

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