David Tennant & Anton Yelchin in Fright Night

David Tennant Shirtless in Fright Night

If you had the tingles for British actor David Tennant of “Dr. Who” fame, then hold on to your crotches as they’re about to spontaneously combust after you reach the end of this post (might be sooner). I know how you feel. Mine happened during this particular event. These shirtless pictures of David Tennant and I-still-feel-guilty-of-posting-these Anton Yelchin are from the recent remake of “Fright Night“. Shirtless-wise, I think they should have exploited Colin Farrel further but hey, everyone had their share and with the great crotch grabbing action from Mr. Tennant, I’m certainly not complaining!

David Tennant Shirtless in Fright Night

David Tennant Shirtless in Fright Night

Anton Yelchin Shirtless in Fright Night

Anton Yelchin Shirtless in Fright Night

  • Rafael

    While I appreciate the the eyecandy, I liked this movie better with the cheesy 80s feel and gay undertones.

  • JJD

    Got to admit this doesn’t to much for me 🙁

  • Mark

    Yeah they don’t do much for me either.When it comes to the movie,obviously the 1985 version is way better than this!Nothing beats the original!

  • Christopher

    Colin Farrell was ridic hot in this movie–kinda cut the suspense because I kep t thinking that anyone would beg to be bit by him. These two? Do nothing for me. Yelchin looks like a balding 15 year old—the opposite of sex.

  • David Tennant in my mouth, please.

  • Iye

    Anton yelchin is incredible HOT!!!!!!

  • i have always thought Anton Y. was hot. i guess people don’t
    think of him in that way because he still has a boyish demeanor.
    to which i must say the last scene in FRIGHT NIGHT does give
    us the best shot yet of Anton’s absolutely smoking ripped bod!!!

  • Cassidy

    Anton Yelchin AND David Tennant do it for me, I’m scared they do a bit too much infact.

  • David Vandersloot

    Anton sounds like a guy who needed speech therapy, and began it but did’t get rar. Raspy, monotone, mumbling–what’s he got going for himself? Skinny as well, but some like that. I agree–Colin Farrell has it all over him [wonder if he really did have”it” all over the boy…?] Is Farrell’s long porn film still online?–a nice dick-crooked, which I haven’t seen since college… But no, the Russian kid must be servicing someone to have even got into any film! Saw “5 to 7” recently. LOTS of yawns…kept wishing it would just END…

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