Guess This Furry Chest

My ass is finally back from whatever it was I was occupied with. ANYWAY, let’s move on to the more important things, shall we? You can say that this furry chest’s owner has a striking facial resemblance to my second husband (yes, he’s still mah second husband). It hurts me a little to say this but I guess if you slap some pretty on John Krasinski, this is what he would look like. Don’t worry, we do have some shirtless pictures of this fine piece on the site, although they were a little dated. Guess before you click!

It’s Chris Lowell from “The Help“. Seriously , we are in dire need of some new shirtless shots of this bundle of cuteness since his boy bangs days in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Life As We Know It”.

Chris Lowell in The Help

Chris Lowell in The Help

Chris Lowell in The Help

  • Don Dearing

    your site is great! I think Chris Lowell was in Private Practice

  • Chris is a real CUTIE!!!!!!!

  • Howard

    I couldn’t agree more with your judgement, when I saw him in The Help I was charmed immediately. But previous photos of him wasn’t that much to drool over…

  • @Howard Yeap, with his current look it is ILLEGAL to have his shirt on all the time. Something needs to be done, pronto!

  • LooneyMan

    So, I think that his ‘fuzzy’ is very nice in the movie. He shouldnt shave. 😀

  • Daz

    i think you meant Private Practice? 🙂 but yeah he’s such a cutie!

  • joe

    yes he was on Private Practice, but the scene were he was shirtless was on Grey’s Anatomy. That 2 hour episode that was basically one of those backdoor pilots where a spinoff’s pilot episode is in the original show’s episode. like Girlfriends and The Game and Bones and The Finder

    I thought he was shirtless on Private Practice once or twice, maybe I’m wrong

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