Happy Christmas!

Instead of posting a picture of some hot guy with santa hat on, take some time off unwrapping your (unwanted) gifts and stimulate your drool glands before the turkey dinner over these delicious shots of Jon Bon Jovi flaunting his 49 year old blond furry bod in St. Barts. Just like that, starter is DONE. Hope you’re having a happy Christmas and don’t lose those receipts for a full refund!

  • BADKarma

    I’ve thought for some time that Mr. Bon Jovi is significantly hotter now than he was in his twenties. Thanks so much for confirming my beliefs. Happy Whatever Holiday It is You Celebrate At This Time of Year!!!

  • Mckey

    He is like a wine!Better with age!

  • Boris

    At least he is not waxing his chest anymore!!!

  • Agreed. Hotter now than before.

  • DoverDavid

    Agree with Boris, he can be under my tree and taking pictures of me when ever he wants!!

  • Daknee

    I didn’t care much for him back in the day. BUT NOW!!!

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