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Jeff Timmons Shirtless

Look, I know it’s old news but I’m only posting this because of the countless nights AltaVista-ing shirtless pictures of Jeff as a young adult on a shitty modem that kept on disconnecting every 30 seconds. He didn’t exactly helped me through puberty, but he certainly helped sell tons of those bloody tween magazines thus successfully drained my high school / college pocket money. Teen idols, what would we do without them? Here’s a clip of the object of my adolescent crotch’s affection being photographed as a Chippendale dancer. I’ve never seen this one before, so if you have I don’t think you mind seeing it again. Thanks to Biks for this!

Jeff Timmons Shirtless

Jeff Timmons Shirtless

Jeff Timmons Shirtless

Footnote: Okay, I have to admit I felt a little sad after watching that – but Jeff does look AMAZING. Excuse me while I go curl up in my bed listening to “Invisible Man” while drooling at this cover art and wishing the one on the left will marry me one day. Just my typical night in the late 90s!

Invisible Man

  • I always thought he was the cutest, and the best singer. Such a high clear tenor voice coming out of that body. *sigh* I might have to fight you for him. But I’m willing to take Drew as a consolation prize. 🙂

  • Bro

    he is as smoking hot as ever.
    though, as far as boybands go, 98 degrees were about as dull as dishwater…

  • I still would LUV to see Nick Lachey naked or almost naked!

  • Mckey

    He has turned into one of the most beautiful manwhores out there.I still prefer Billy Jeffrey though.

  • Film 70/71

    Tres tres chaud et muy caliente!

  • KarmaLysing

    On a totally unrelated note: I notice the snowman is shirtless. Well-played, Square… WELL. PLAYED. 😀

  • Jim

    I always thought that Jeff Timmons was by far the hottest guy of all the nineties boy bands. But, then again, I’ve always been a sucker for big bubble pecs.

  • Jeff does have a nice body but it just freaks me out when guys
    shave their armpits. i have never understood this rather recent
    grooming trend. don’t guys want to look like they’ve gone thru

  • Sammy

    LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nate

    oh i love 90s boybands and britney spears

  • Mark

    @Christopher Are you serious?!That’s the best part!It so rare to see American guys shave their pits completely!Some of them just love to trim it and I’m cool with that!It shows that they care about that area more than most guys who just take a shower and put on deodorant and that’s it!Bushy armpits are just gross on so many levels doesn’t matter how hot you are!

  • @Karma It was an innocent gesture I swear!

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