Thomas Kretschmann, At Long Last

Thomas Kretschmann Shirtless

Once again, I feel like I have to deeply apologise for the lack of some Kretschmann hotness on this site and for taking this long to recognise this force of German hotness. These shirtless caps of Thomas Kretschmann are from weird and a little bit disturbing (you’ll see why later) sci-fi film “Immortel (Ad Vitam)” of which he had a couple of obligatory love slash the morning after scene while being possessed by the muscular he-hawk creature. Call him the younger German Liam Neeson if you want, but one thing for sure – further exploits needs to be done. At this point I’m sure Thomas is a lot of people’s boyfriend or husband, and although it’s a bitter pill to swallow I’ll let you guys slide off with this one.

Thomas Kretschmann Shirtless

Thomas Kretschmann Shirtless

Thomas Kretschmann Shirtless

Thomas Kretschmann Shirtless

Thomas Kretschmann Shirtless

  • Yum. Gorgeous face, a little chest hair and some yummy pits.

  • szoszo

    i know it’s beside the point but is this movie for real? 😀

  • Mark

    Beautiful German boy!Thanks Square!:)

  • wpb30635

    I sw the movie years ago and i believe I posted some about him in the forum, so I call dibs on him. I had to watch the movie 3 or 4 times to understand the plot and to drool a few more times.

  • BADKarma

    wbp – I’ll flip ya for him. Or maybe we can share him. Because I posted about him before you joined. SOTHEREHAHAHAhAhAHAhaHAhahAhAahA!


    Oh, and szoszo: Yes, yes it is. It’s available for rent if you have Netflix.

  • Patrick B

    BADKarma, which half do you want. Waist up or down? My pref is waist up.

  • Clintty

    There is no denying he is an incrediblly sexy man (he’s 49! 49 and he looks like that- he’s like a freaking bottle of scotch!) but, even without the creep context of the film, he is kind of… scary- still, i wouldn’t say no!

  • Chezzanne

    BIG mistake having him play Eichmann!! I mean you are meant to hate Eichmann and you just cannot hate him playing the role…, he turns into a total fantasy in that SS uniform YUM YUM YUM he is LUSH !!!!

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