A Scruffy Disney Prince is Now Possible

Image above is not a Disney prince though, it’s just mah TV husband prince Josh Dallas (shut up!). At last, Disney is welcoming itself into the 21st century and recognizing the hotness of scruff on a man. Starting next month, Disney employees can grow some facial hair, according to the Los Angeles Times (via the fab ONTD). It’s not limited to wolves and dwarves anymore, so this is good news for follicle fans. It’s not just a matter of personal preference because on most guys, scruff does make a great deal of difference. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Here’s Stuart Ambrose, who plays Prince Charming. Can you tell which one does most damage to your crotch?

Stuart Ambrose

Stuart Ambrose

Stuart Ambrose

I rest my case.

  • Daz

    can’t help sounding like a teenage schoolgirl but Josh Dallas is soooo dreamy!!! that prince costume of his doesn’t hurt too 😛

  • len

    some day my prince will come!

  • joey

    Josh Dallas is totally a Prince. I hope I meet someone like him someday. :”>

  • Milton

    Next time, let’s have a whole post on Josh Dallas. This hunk was shirtless on an episode of “Hawaii 5-O”, last season, where he played a surfer. Please, MORE Josh! He doesn’t even have to be shirtless.

  • BADKarma

    Milton – I beg to differ. Yes he does. And they need to let him use his real accent, too. (He’s an Aussie).

  • Milton

    ????Excuse me, BADKarma, but what the heck are you referring to? Did you Read my post? And by the way, if you’re talking about Josh Dallas’s natinality, he was born in Kentucky. No where near Australia.

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