Chris Evans in What’s Your Number?

Chris Evans Shirtless in What's Your Number

Let us start this year with something very positive, in this case – Chris Evans’s fully recovered chest. Here are some of his generous shirtlessness from skin magnet rom-com “What’s Your Number?” with (sadly) shirted Joel McHale and Chris Pratt, available from next week. We have a generous underwear basketball scene that spans to the skinny dipping scene to teasing love scene to the morning after scene with bonus towel AND guitar playing scene to show off some details on those furry pecs. Too much? NEVER. These things are pretty much mandatory in a film when dealing with a hunk like Chris Evans. That Captain America body needs to be exploited in every way possible. On another note, apparently they have decided to make another “Captain America” flick. A quick reminder warning rather to the production people: LEAVE CHRIS EVAN’S CHEST ALONE (but do take his shirt off, please).

Chris Evans Shirtless in What's Your Number

Chris Evans Shirtless in What's Your Number

Chris Evans Shirtless in What's Your Number

Chris Evans Shirtless in What's Your Number

Chris Evans Shirtless in What's Your Number

  • lankyguy


    Love him so much. Have you seen the pics of him visiting the Children’s Hospital? Such a great guy.

  • Jack

    It is SO nice to see that chest hair on him. But I gotta admit, I really like seeing those dark armpits when he stretches! *WOOF*

  • sparks

    I just want to lick him. Everywhere.

  • I seem to remember reading that he’d signed for at least 3 movies playing Captain America. One of the reasons he was iffy about taking the part, due to that level of commitment. I was afraid we wouldn’t see the furry Evans until after, but I guess he can let the chest fuzz grow back between Marvel movies. That body, with a hairy chest… *faints*

    Yeah, I think they’ve established Captain America as being smooth, like Thor. But as long as movies like this come out in-between, I’ll be happy. Thanks for the post! 🙂

  • i have been a *HUGE* Chris Evans devotee since NOT ANOTHER
    TEEN MOVIE was released Dec. 0 2001. for me Chris is the epitome
    of masculine prettiness.

    one word on the skinning dipping scene from “What’s Your Number?”.
    obviously the long shot where you we see Evans and Anna Faris’s
    characters jump into Boston harbor naked stunt doubles were used.
    but i have read several postings that are most interesting. people
    have posted that they read in interviews that Evans said even in the
    kind of medium shot where you see a rear view of the characters
    stripping right before the jump doubles were used. i could swear
    it was Evans stripping so if a double was used they found one who
    could be Evans’ twin. in addition why would a double be used if
    Evans did several tasty naked in the doorway scenes where you just
    about saw his butt anyway? very confusing.

  • Milton

    I think it should be against the law for Chris to wear a shirt and pants. Love those boxer shorts. He’s always had the most magnificent cheast; 3rd behind Alec Baldwin & Brian Bloom.

  • KarmaLysing

    I second Milton’s proposal. Chris Evans is one of a group of men for whom boxer briefs should be the only allowed item of clothing. Ever. E V E R.

  • fred

    I wish he would stop trimming altogether. Can you imagine much hotter that body could get if he let himself get full-blown hairy??

    That being said, oh, God, the things I would do to that man.

  • Minge

    I’m curious to know if it’s directors or what that make the decision on men’s chests. Do they say “we need you to trim” or do the actors pick and choose? Conan the Barbarian remake was hairy this time around. Who makes the call?

  • those pits are icing on the cake. He is a beautiful man.

  • eagander

    Recovered??? No way, not until he totally STOPS trimming!!

  • Joe

    I think there must be something in his contracts that state he has to be shirtless atleast once in every movie he does. I can’t even think of one where he’s kept his shirt on. I mean, not that I mind or anything

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  • Clintty

    If he had his full carpet then I don’t think I would be able to stop myself fapping over him until my dick falls off…

  • ScottyP.

    I think he’s so hot and would look even hotter with all his body hair grown in but I’m disappointed that it looks like he’s a bush trimmer.

  • max

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  • Sean

    Omg. I love his armpits. Really need some bulge and ass pics. 😀

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  • Tom

    Gives new meaning to HUNK, cuz he sure is one!

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