Edward Burns in Nice Guy Johnny

Edward Burns Shirtless in Nice Guy Johnny

In addition to my previous post, you know what the world needs more of at right now? A SHIRTLESS ED BURNS. When your search for Ed’s skin scenes only returned the 2 pages (one from that uber hot mess “A Sound of Thunder” and another from “Confidence“) from this site, you know it’s not enough! I mean, just looking at his hairy arms already sent my libido on a rocket trip to Uranus. Here are some recent-ish skin from used to be iTunes only “Nice Guy Johnny”, of which I just knew about 5 minutes ago. Also included, the fruits of my googling effort from his previous ventures. I’d say less rubbish films, more shirtlessness please!

Edward Burns in Nice Guy Johnny

Edward Burns in Nice Guy Johnny

Edward Burns

Edward Burns

Edward Burns

A little Matt Bush wouldn’t hurt…

Matt Bush Shirtless in Nice Guy Johnny

  • DoverDavid

    He’s cute, nice legs too.

  • Sammy

    I think he is absolutely gorgeous – stunningly flawless face.

  • Mallory

    Love everything about him. Always sexy.

  • gdog

    So hot.

  • Daknee

    Yes, yes yes, even with a shirt (blue) he looks hot.

  • theroosez

    I have loved this man for years. Want. Badly.

  • Joe

    He’s what I see as the perfect Disney Prince. I love how his body is just big enough and hairy enough, and I believe there’s no need to comment on his face, right? I mean, that is a hella perfect face, right there.
    Great effort, SH, these are precious!


  • Josh

    The man is smokin hot. No doubt about it. Have never understood why there aren’t more pics of him without clothes ….. guess it’s a personal choice for him, just not something he does.

    I’ve always found him to be uber hot and sexy and handsome and charming. Nothing about him isn’t sexy. He’s tall, he’s got a thick build, he’s got a handsome face. I bet he smells good too. Spicy, leather, warm smell. A masculine smell you could snuggle up to on a cold, snowy winter’s day that would keep you warm and content forever. Yep, Ed smells good, I just know it.

    And I’m thinking, since nobody else has gotten “nasty” yet, that he’s probably got a nice cock – around 7 hard, sorta thick, with a nice flared head.
    Ok. I have to go now…… lol

  • Josh

    PS – and no, he doesn’t look like Ben Affleck. Ed is classically handsome. Ben is just, Ben. Boring.

    I think if there is a resemblance to anyone, it would be Matthew Fox. Not extremely similar, but slightly if you just look at them both the right way.

    Now there’s something else I would like to see, Matthew Fox and Ed Norton gettin close with each other. HOT!

    Now I REALLY have to go, something just uh, came up!

  • He is gorgeous. Nice face and nice body hair.

  • JuanCarlos

    oh God!! the hairy arms…the hairy chest!!!!! the scruff…the Face is gorgeous and Sexy!!!!!!!!

  • Brendan

    Ew, Coors Light. Yay, Ed Burns. <3

  • Phil

    DAYUM…I’d so like to tap that…

  • Phil

    Josh you and I are so in tune…While I do like my men on the ‘young’ side-every so often I do like a man well more my age…I mean really I do like a man that well can hold his end of a conversation…OK and yes I have found a man in ‘boxers’ totally hot ever since my parents let this Vietnam era Vet stay overnight at our house-and I was able to catch a glimps of his pubes and just the hint of his dick through his um fly…That is still one of the most eroticly charged memories of my young development…To this day I still get more ‘turned on’ by a guy(gay or ‘straight’)that innocently flashes say a bit of treasure trail; or even just a bit of crack(not a plumbers crack-if you know what I mean)…My biggest turn on is a(usually straight)guy who really doesn’t know how well sexy he is just doing normal guy things…I actually offended my last boss when I told him that while he is totally hot-that he as a gay guy just work-he’s totally be unsexy as a gay man…OK I might mention in the afore mentioned encounter I was I think 13-there was no way in hell the Vet was going to act(and I’m not sure he knew of my horniness/desire)…Oops I meant to say in my last sentance that my former boss WOULDN’T work as a Gay dude…Which as I said seemed to bother him…OK the beer is starting to talk more than I am-sorry…

  • Cliff G

    Wow, from a certain angle, he does look like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman back in 1990

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