For Goodness Sake, Take the Damn Thing Off

Sam Worthington on the Tonight Show

You know sometimes you think there is very little point of doing something,it’s much better not to do it at all? In this case, here’s the thunder from down under Sam Worthington looking a little chunky (that’s a good thing) on the Tonight Show wearing what appears to be a toddler’s Hawaiian shirt. Okay, it was his shirt pre-Clash of the Titans. Sam tried his best to keep the shirt on by unbuttoning the bottom part but to be honest, I don’t see any reason why he should keep it on because A, it’s a ghastly shirt and B, that wild hairy chest desperately needs to be unleashed. Clip, after the jump. Thanks to Nick for the heads up!

Sam Worthington on the Tonight Show

Sam Worthington on the Tonight Show

  • Joe

    I certainly appreciate chunky on him, as in, my goodness, you think the guy couldn’t get any hotter with such a nicely shaped body, then BAM he comes out a little chunky and prove you wrong. He sure looks great, and I crossed my fingers hoping he would actually unbutton the whole thing by the end of the clip. Too bad it didn’t happen, but it’s still worth it to see that awesome gingerish chesthair and listen to the aussie accent that comes with his sexy voice. Great Sunday treat for a mate down under. Thanks a million for this.


    • Brady

      pounds on him who would notice I s certainly didnt.

  • Daknee

    I have alway thought he was good looking. And now that he put on a few he’s even better

  • Sammy

    Stunning and flawless – if there was a God he would have taken that shirt off.

  • sparks

    I LOVE his laugh. What a hottie!! And a few extra pounds looks DAMNED good on him

  • bo_s

    Thank god he’s not square’s husband. Because he’s mine!

  • Rob-Bear

    I’m sorry bo_s but I saw him first!

  • hot stuff

  • MauiJim

    Sam hates to take his shirt off and is very critical of this body. Check out his Australian films for some beautiful, furry flesh and quick flashes of his “down under.”

  • rodthehorny

    Need to see him wearing briefs…

  • BADKarma

    The activities I would perform with this man would make doves cry.

    The “hot bunny” phenotype just… DOES THINGS FOR ME. Naughty things. Things you wouldn’t discuss with your mom. Things you might end up having to confess to a priest. THINGS.

  • Steve

    Sam in Briefs

    for some reason couldnt post on these forums.

  • Court

    Now that is a fucking PARTY SHIRT!

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