Gary Cole in Office Space

Gary Cole Shirtless in Office Space

When it comes to admiring and appreciating Gary Cole‘s brand of hotness, you can say that I’m a little bit of a late bloomer. I’m not exactly sure when I started lusting over this fine mature piece, but it has to be late in his career. That hairy chest is just pure bonus. Here are some quick shirtless caps of Gary in “Office Space” – you know, the time when everyone in the office aspire to look like Bill Gates? If only Ron Livingston could dream a little bit longer, that would be terrific (ha ha). I’ll post some of his more generous shots from “Kiss the Sky” when I get the chance.

Gary Cole in Office Space

Gary Cole in Office Space

Gary Cole in Office Space

  • Manlover

    There wasn’t enough to see of this possibly hot man to justify the space you gave it!

  • rupertbare69

    A not particularly attractive man…….

  • I remember Gary as a teenager! Always thought he was hot! Still has a nice sexy chest!

  • Branden

    I have only loved Gary Cole since this movie. You gotta love the fur. Yes, daddy. Bring it this way!

  • Steve

    Yup, he’s growing into a fine Daddy!

  • Hairy and hot.

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