Going Swedish

David Beckham H&M Underwear Ad

I can’t recall how many times I’ve seen David Beckham in underwear, but I do know that every time it happens it will make news everywhere. This time, Beckham is going all Swedish by posing in his skimpies for H&M. Overrated or not, he’s still one of the hottest footballers ever lived. Since there’s no point of yapping further, I’ll let you analyze what is there to be analyzed (hint: it is horizontal)  while I quickly make my way to the deeper end because this blog just got a little shallow.

David Beckham H&M Underwear Ad

David Beckham H&M Underwear Ad

  • Joe

    the tattoos ruin any sort of sexiness, just like with Adam Levine

  • His tattoos are beautiful, as well as his other attributes.

  • martin


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  • Jack

    While I’m not a big fan of his tattoos, he’s such a freaking sexy man that I can pretty much overlook them. Thank you for bringing this set of pictures to us!!

  • len

    I agree with Joe.

  • Mark

    More agreement with Joe.

    (And yes, Adam Levine was so fucking hot before he fell into a vat of ink. Now, I only like him clothed. Which is just backwards.)

  • Rupertbare

    What is so sexy????????? A middle aged, over-inked guy with a sock(or 2) down his shorts!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Rupertbare – what does his age have to do with it? What is the official age cut-off for being sexy?

    That aside, I pretty much expected this sort of feedback on Becks, as it seems as trendy for certain folks to hate on tattoos as it is for people to get them. No worries, though. Diff’rent strokes. Pass on him if you will. More strokes for me.


  • szoszo

    i think db is so overrated… i spent a few years being an avid football fan – obviously i was simply oggling guys – and i gotta admit hes one of the least developed players muscle wise and i dont find anything outstanding about his face either, while i know we dont like them for their brains hes also one of the most retarded… love his tats tho.

  • I can’t believe some of the queens here and on Towleroad: “middle aged”? He’s 36 and still an accomplished athlete.

  • Rupertbare

    @Graham Anderson 36+36=72, so even if one doesn’t consider a brain dead athlete middle-aged, tell me why the photo shopped pix?????? I mean who are they trying to kid, with his belly……….David or Victoria(another talentless waste of space!!!!)

  • @Rupertbare You really need to get over yourself.

  • Phil

    Fredo you asked what the cut off age for being sexy is…That would depend on which model you use…For instance if you use the Madison Avenue model, which panders to the 15-35 age group(anybody over 35 falls into the ‘all others’ category)-then 35 is the cut off age…

    If you use the Gay model then the cut off age is 30…After 30 you have to add 7 years to your ‘human’ age to come up with your ‘gay’ age…I’m 54 in human years-which makes me(let’s see add 7 years for every year over 30-)198 in gay years…

    And as to the ink comments-while I don’t want to have any ink myself, I do kind of like the ‘badboy’ image some ink indicates; but that’s just me…I also wonder how much of DB’s ink is real-I seem to remember in another underware add his arms had a tribal on them and not much else(maybe some kind of Oriental symbols)…

  • Rupertbare

    @Fredo………..I am definitely “over” myself……….shame the tubby overrated footballer isn’t!!!!!!!!! Why else show yourself in your skivvies???? As for that, can anyone remember the last goal he kicked???????

  • lankyguy

    Love him, love the ink. Let the haters hate, more for the rest of us.

  • Waverider

    Well, haters…fact-of-the-matter is, Becks, Inc. is still a cash-cow. He’s a sports icon and celebrity in his own right and corporate sponsors have been pushing his image for years because he can sell a product. Apparently he still has market appeal….no matter how un-sexy a few of you may think he is. Scream all you want, but that guy is laughing all the way to the bank for as long as his image will allow.

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  • lena jones

    Just got a little shallow? Really? No!

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