How Does This Make You Feel?

Craig David hasn’t got enough any press since like, ever and he’s coming out with a new song or something so his publicist has decided to call some photographers and stage this visual feast at Miami beach (via Dlisted). I’m all up for that but instead of salivating over these shots, seeing his leaner than lean, zero percent body fat content frame makes me hate myself a bit. Yes, I’m still getting over the mince pies and those unholy sweets – so perhaps this will motivate my ass to exercise a little (does going to the fridge count?). How does the new leaner Craig David make you feel?

  • Optilux

    Ok, that’s just awfull…

    Is it supposed to be sexy?? It’s just way too much. A little bit of body fat is absolutely necessary in my opinion.

    I wouldn’t touch him as he is now, sorry.

  • Ryon

    Oh. HELL. Yes.

    I would do things to his body that would make a blind man see, a deaf man hear, and a dead man shiver in pleasure.

  • Sebastian

    I’m going to have to agree with optilux. His face is completely emaciated, and is body much too lean.
    These were the days:

  • Jell

    He’s gotten real top heavy, and it makes his legs look weird.

    BTW, he’s lean, but he also has a strange build that also makes him look really wide around the waist, kind of that build of the guy that used to be overweight and got ripped, even though we know he used to be kind of slim. He just has some odd proportions. Good for him staying in shape, but he has an odd shape, IMO.

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