Introducing (The Chest of) Steffen Groth

Steffen Groth Shirtless in Le Journal de Meg

This shot is screaming for a “Guess This Hairy Chest” post but since I’m pretty sure about 75% of you don’t have a clue – there’s no point. Let me tell you what we have been missing all our lives – Steffen Groth. This is a shot from his French TV series “Le Journal de Meg”, where I would imagine is about the lucky woman in the picture, in a position millions of us would dream about being in. It’s a well known fact that they do have quality unshaved men over there, and while I don’t think he’s going to break into Hollywood anytime soon, it’s good to know that a fine specimen like him exists!

Steffen Groth Shirtless in Le Journal de Meg

Steffen Groth in Le Journal de Meg

Steffen Groth in Le Journal de Meg

  • Martiniii

    Square you made my DAY!!! I love Steffen 🙂
    But I have to tell you, that he is german and the TV Show is also german, it’s called “Doctor’s Diary”. :)))

    Greetings from Cologne!

  • DoverDavid

    I gotta get over seas more!!!

  • len

    Deutschland Uber Allis!

  • Joe

    I see the gorgeous factor. Quite amazing.


  • rupertbare69

    Ain’t he cute…………………..Heil.

  • Phil


  • Phil

    Those eyes are to die for…

  • Phil

    For some reason I couldn’t post on the Zac Effron pics-I’m glad to see he’s been able to shed his ‘high school’ image…He’s such a handsome man…I can only hope that Daniel Raddcliffe can shed his ‘Harry Potter’ image as well-but his latest movie doesn’t bode well for that…

  • Phil

    I’d start at the ‘nips’ and lick my way down that treasure trail…YUM…

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