Mah Husband Being His Adorable Self

This morning is brought to you by mah husband Paul Rudd answering questions from teenage girls on Rookie magazine about cooties and shit like that – exploding a few thousand crotches in the process. You can almost hear mine in the background, you know because I’m always near him since he’s mah husband and all. Those glasses and that hair combo. I can’t even… Get the bucket ready and watch the adorableness after the jump. Thanks joetimber for this!

  • Joe

    mah pleasure. I got hypnotized by every second of his cuteness. kinda makes me pretend to be a teen girl myself and send him questions.


  • rupertbare69


  • JuanCarlos

    How adorable!!!! I feel like such a teenage girl!!! and I’m 34!! but I love him….Square…If I could I would take him from you…he’s perfect!!

  • DoverDavid

    I’d like to know the days in which your not wearing underware Paul, and on the the days that you are, I would like for you to send them to me after your done wearing them. Thanks 🙂

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