Spreading Some Untrimmed Hotness in America

Steve Jones Shirtless on Ellen

This is last year’s news, but who gives a crap about it. Here’s Welsh presenter slash model Steve Jones showing some untrimmed goodness to America on Ellen. This still doesn’t make me want to watch “X Factor USA” so he needs to keep doing this even after the show. It’s not necessarily how it’s done in the UK, but this is how it should be done PERIOD.

Steve Jones on Ellen

Steve Jones Shirtless on Ellen

Steve Jones Shirtless on Ellen

  • I would eat that man for breakfast, lunch, + dinner.

    Well, parts of him.

  • Optilux

    Now THIS is more like it. ^_^
    Perfect amount of chesthair. Simply gorgeous!

  • Film 70/71

    Nice bit of treasure trail there on a good looking guy.

  • Rando

    If he was slightly more muscular he might be one of the hottest men alive. I love the hair, the accent, the jeans, the body. DAMN!

  • This kind of chest is wonderful to… touch.

  • Joe

    the guy is pure hotness, I mean, he is a perfect model for how men should grow body hair. plus the accent… oh my.


  • Pat

    Well, Rando, I think he already IS one of the hottest men alive. The Welsh are a splendid tribe. Perfect chest hair, perfectly handsome face. But I’ll grant you that there would be nothing wrong with some extra muscle. He’s just probably too busy X-factoring to spend the necessary time at the gym.

  • Mark

    Too bad he likely won’t be back next year. He was the only reason to watch the show (and still, I didn’t).

  • rupertbare69

    Yeah he is kind of cute, even if a bit to Americanized looking, still you can’t have everything……………hahaheheha.

  • If this is what you think is “kind of cute”, I can’t wait to stalk whoever you think is sexy.

  • Samir

    so cute! He’s the only reason I have for watching the x factor, he should do this in every show!

  • Boris

    I wish the Low V-neck t-shirt would be more popular… I would clarify the “who’s hairy” and “who’s not”…

  • wmassguy

    Damn he is beautiful! Wow!

  • Joetx

    Steve Jones has almost the perfect amount of fur on his front side (above the waist, at least 😉 ).

    I also like that he’s fit w/o being musclely.

  • simply perfect

  • John

    Very hot. want him in my bed, or wherever he will do me.

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