Thank You Canada for Kris Holden-Ried

Kris Holden-Ried Shirtless

If you’re into heavily scruffed James Morrison / Chris Martin looks and some rugged Canadian I-don’t-give-a damn-let’s-go-fishing lumberjack charms, three words you have to remember when you go to bed tonight: KRIS HOLDEN-RIED. Thanks to Bannock and wpb30635 at the forum for introducing this fine piece of delicious male form the north to the rest of the world (by that I mean me because I live under a big rock). Kris plays Dyson in TV series “Lost Girl“, of which he is obligated to make hot sex to the female lead in order to heal her or something like that (does it matter?), resulting in skin scenes in almost all episodes. Yes and hell to the fucking yes. Here are some caps of the man of my dreams tonight and many nights after from few episodes of the first series, and I’ll let them do the stroking talking from now on.

Kris Holden-Ried Shirtless

Kris Holden-Ried Shirtless

Kris Holden-Ried Shirtless

Kris Holden-Ried Shirtless

  • Dave

    Hey! He was also in The Tudors, I vaguely recall some peeled shots of him in that too. Oh, and the character he plays is gay (William Compton.)

  • rupertbare69


  • Glendon

    He was also in Paradise Falls and was gay I believe his character was named Simon, and we got FULL FRONTAL from him in that show. I can never find any pics from it. Oh well

  • Boris

    Yuo, us canadian men are the best!

  • Paul

    I have been in love with him ever since I saw him in ‘A Touch of Pink’ (2004) where he plays a gay man living with his Muslim boyfriend. There is a very nice scene of Kris in tight undies, and a couple of scenes of him in bed with two other guys.

  • i first became aware such a tasty piece of lean Canadian
    bacon when i watched the dvd of the Canadian/English t,v,
    BEN-HUR miniseries. i found him quite sexy and although
    he stayed fulled clothed i just knew he had a killer bod.

  • Frank Miller

    I’ve seen him on stage, as the Englishman in Can Stage’s production of “Homebody/Kabul.” He was more cleaned up but wore a safari shirt that was often barely buttoned. Even without the facial scruff, he’s incredibly yummy.

  • wpb30635

    Square, you are quite welcome. It was my pleasure (accent on pleasure) to introduce you.

  • Joe

    my god, he is charming and sexy, I’m in love with his beard, and his body is amazing, and the bath scene is priceless. Thank you for these!


  • Reese

    I used to watch him on a Canadian television drama called, “Paradise Falls’. That’s where I first noticed how often he takes off his shirt. Very handsome and very Canadian. I like him a lot.

  • michael

    from the posts ive read, he seems to like playing gay characters. he’ kind of sexy in a normal everyday kinda way

  • Jack

    I wonder if there’s some way I could get him to play a gay bedwarmer for me.

  • Ty

    He also plays Quint ,the “Super” Lycan in the new Underworld Awakening. I like how he rips off his clothes during the transformation,,mmmmm

  • BADKarma

    The best part about him, (besides those eyes, that voice, and that “f*ck me now” charisma, I mean), is he comes by that body the old-fashioned way. He’s a Pentathelete. Which means lots of stamina. Aheh.

  • He reminds me of a less attractive, less hairy Chris Martin of Coldplay.

  • Phil

    Thought I recognized KH-R…Saw Underworld-The Awakening, earlier t-night…Actually I only watched it cause I wanted to sit next to this really humpy ex-Marine, and another really cute ex-Army kid(I belong to a Vetrans group)…But as a movie it wasn’t too bad, and KH-R was a major stand out…

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  • 3 ass cheeks

    i wish kris would climb over top of me and kiss me like in the 3rd pic down 🙁

  • Rupertbare


  • Kenny

    Man the owner of this site is biased i exposed this dude for the homophobe he was and the moderator refused to post it.

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